Your day can be ruined not only from the traffic or the unexpected rain that made you wet before you arrive to your workplace.Many other morning habits can ruin your day even before you get out of the house.So in this article we will talk about the three habits that most of us have and we don’t know that they can ruin our day.

Early caffeine intake.

Is there really a bad moment for a cup of coffee? The answer is yes. Once we open our eyes in the morning, the level of energy in our body grows, and a cup of coffee immediately after we wake up will provide even greater increase in energy, and as a consequence of that we get nervous says Dr. Stephen Miller from the University of Maryland.

Dr. Stephen advises that you should you drink coffee at least an hour after waking up.

Not eating a proper breakfast.

Cup of yogurt with berries may sound like a healthy breakfast, but by midday you will starve.This type of breakfast will not provide enough nutrients that your body needs to will feel full until the next meal. A healthy breakfast should contain at least proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and some healthy fats – says the nutritionist Michelle Davenport.

breakfast habits

Sitting at the computer

Checking your email after you open your eyes is not a good way to start your day, because that will cause stress very early and you will be in stress the whole day. Instead, experts advise to stretch well, drink a cup of tea or talk with your partner or other family member.

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