People have always wondered why there is so much hype around organic food. Most of us feel buying organic food is just an extra expensive. However, when we consider the impact the regular food on our health and with diseases creeping up in modern day life, the added expense is worth. Buying food is much like a positive expense for your health.

  1. Saves you from ill effect of hormones and antibiotics

Most animals in mass production are fed on growth hormones, antibiotics, and pesticide, which goes into our body. Such injects promote harmful viruses that weakens our immune system. Hormone residues in these products increase the risk of cancer and reproductive issues. Certified organic farms use no such injects. Both animals and land they grow on is natural, untouched from any unwanted chemicals.

  1. Get the healthiest nutrition

Non-organic food have altered genetic composition which makes food nutrition less as most of the healthy constituent are destroyed. Often carcinogens are also found in these foods, which can lead to cancer. Organic food has the nutrients in most natural form and in long term, overall health improves. All nutrients are available in most natural form and food also tastes much better than non-organic.

organic food

  1. Saves you from harmful pesticide

Majority of our diet is made of vegetables, fruits, and grains that come from farms. Today, most of them use pesticides to kill insects that harm crops. Most are carcinogenic, supporting growth of cancer. Eating clean and most naturally grown vegetable is always worth spending more. Most health regulating bodies have realized the harmful effects of such pesticide and strict laws have now came into effect. However, non-organic food still exists in market.

4. Avoid multiple health problems

In last few decades, humanity has seen rise in numerous health diseases like obesity, heart disease, reproductive disease, hormonal disease and cancer. Present generation is more vulnerable to these diseases as diet is full of non-organic food. To avoid these problems incorporating organic food would require change in lifestyle and improve their health considerably. Parents should make sure organic food is priority for kids and all unnecessary fast food must be forbidden for their betterment.

  1. Increases energy

Most non-organic food promotes toxins that are stored in Adipose tissue. When buying a food, which is organic you are making sure you are buying food free from antibiotics, and other harmful elements. In addition, food carries 100 percent natural nutrition. It carries much higher energy than non-organic food. Even the fast food brands like Taco bell has been accused as they have always used non-organic beef which like 35 percent of the most natural beef.

  1. Avoid Cancer

As we have discussed before non-organic food carries cancer-causing agents like carcinogen. At cellular level, effects keeps increasing if eating habits are not changed. Consuming organic food over long term, you will be avoiding any harm to your body because of cancer.

If you want to have healthy lifestyle and do not want to use your EHIC card often, make sure you change your eating habits. Make sure from now onwards your grocery list must contains 100 percent organic food.