Are You a Gym Bunny or a Casual Visitor?

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a dedicated gym addict or a casual gym visitor – we all know that physical exercise has many health benefits (not to mention body image benefits and better overall self-confidence). But while there are so many training systems and methods to lose weight and build muscle, there are also quite a few common misconceptions that you need to know by heart and avoid them at all costs.

1. Women Will Gain Too Much Muscle Mass

Women usually shun the gym and think they’ll become huge and bulky after a month of training. If it were that easy to build muscle, we’d all be competing in Mr. Olympia right now. The truth is that muscle building is a long, tedious process, and there is exactly zero chance that you’ll become a bulky She-Hulk overnight.

2. Your Training Needs to be At Least Three Hours Long

When one thinks about training for hours, the desire to train simply vanishes; lack of time is a common problem today. But you can have an effective and efficient training that lasts half an hour or one hour – there’s no point in stressing yourself for hours because it simply doesn’t have any effect.

3. It is Not Healthy to Exercise After a Certain Age

This is a strange yet persistent misconception. It’s even healthier to exercise when you’re a senior: of course, you won’t be breaking records on the squat rack, but you’ll improve your overall health by a significant margin.

4. “I don’t Need to Exercise Because I’m Lean”

Even if you’re naturally lean, you’d still do well to visit your local gym from time to time. Exercise doesn’t just mean losing body fat, it also means that you can improve your overall physical fitness and muscle mass. Fitness also makes you more resistant to cardiac diseases, and that’s reason alone to start working out more and spend less time on Tinder or on Houston chat line for example.

5. Good Training Always Implies Muscle Pain and Soreness

No, it doesn’t – while you will definitely feel some muscle soreness and pain, it is neither normal nor healthy to push your body so far and get muscle soreness after every workout. The best thing you can do is to see what kind of balance you can achieve during your week and which muscle groups you’ll rest and target.

6. You Will Lose Stomach Fat with Abdominal Crunches

There is no such thing as “local fat loss” – your body will shed fat according to its own schedule, and there’s nothing you can do about it. While people usually train to have visible abs, the truth is that your bench pressing, bicep curls and less extensions have as much influence on fat loss (if not more) than abdominal exercises.

7. Weight Gained or Lost is the Only Measure of Success

This is a common mistake: the weight you’re gaining or losing isn’t a simple category. Your weight consists of fats, proteins, muscles, water, carbohydrates and many other components; just because you’re not losing weight fast enough doesn’t mean you’re not looking or feeling better, right? Check yourself in the mirror and be honest – are you looking better and feeling healthier – while forgetting about the scales!

Train to be Healthier Not Prettier

While the initial impetus is to look prettier, more muscular or less fat, don’t forget that fitness and any kind of physical exercise have numerous health benefits – and that should be your primary motivation for going to the gym!