Most of us already know the good old trick white wine can do with red wine stains, but the magic doesn’t stop there. Apart from beneficial properties wine has as a beverage, its beauty impact has been popular for ages and the trend has had its revival in India. Considering they have some of the most beautiful women there we shall trust they are unto something extraordinary.

While both red and white wine are cherished for their rejuvenating characteristics, white wine in particular has a unique set of traits we’d like to share with you. Stay with us to find out about the value of white wine for skin care, tips on how to use it and make awesome combos with other natural ingredients.

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Attributes – White wine can provide a wide range of benefits to our skin and that’s why it has a growing role as a part of salon or homemade facials and toners. Its styptic effect on pores is outstanding and the eradication and prevention of acne is also noted as a major asset. People who constantly fight against dry skin will rejoice to hear white wine’s high concentration of variety of acids (tartaric, malic and citric) is a marvelous solution for them. Sensitive and fairer skin tones may opt for white wine for its gentle interaction with skin.

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Interestingly, white wine vinegar ensures similar favorable results. Rich with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, vinegar locks long-lasting improvements for our face and body tegument. It is an amazing, nature given cleansing potion. Say goodbye to the blemishes for good.

Standard vs. wine facials – While there’s no harm in applying regular facials, the wine facials prevail in this comparison. The perks of wine based facials are the luminous outcome it produces, as well as quick and miraculous anti-age effect. It relieves you of stress induced lines we all hate. With the agency of positive and negative ions, it equips the skin with the fresh batch of invigorating active oxygen.

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Recipes and tips – Let’s get right to the point with our suggestions of trusted and popular white wine recipes.

  1. All natural and easy

For this one, you’ll need: 6 tbsp of white wine, 3 tbsp of fresh lemon juice and 3 tbsp of vinegar. Keep it in fridge 6 to 8 months max, in a clean capped container. To try it, steam clean your face properly. Apply the mix to your face with a cotton ball except for the eyes. Let it dry and rinse it with water afterwards. Moisturize it with appropriate cream.

  1. Soothing mask

add 1 egg white (free range and organic, if you want the best), 1 tbsp of white wine, 1 tbsp of aloe vera, 2 drops of tea tree oil and mix it thoroughly. Use brush to apply it. The rest of the process matches the previous recipe.

Economy vs. quality – Be kind to your skin and don’t treat it with poor quality wine. On the other hand, since wine specials are regular online and in some bottle shops in Sydney you don’t need to spend loads of money or time and energy to get yourself a good wine. Take care of your budget along with your face.

White wine is a genuine magician in the beauty department, and we strongly recommend you give it a go. Replenish your body and face inside and out, but all in moderation. Your skin will thank you with its newfound glow and smoothness.  And you can make it happen in the comfort of your own home.

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