Answering the Critics: The Bright Truth of E-Cigs

Search the news, internet or forums these days and you’ll find a virtual war of opinion as to the relative advantages and disadvantages, benefits and dangers of electronic cigarettes. Since e-cigs hit the market a few years ago, the world has gone vaping crazy in one way or another. Whilst global experts herald the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes, others villainize them as a wolf in sheep’s clothing and campaign to the high hills trying the ban them. But do the critics really have a leg to stand on? Let’s take a look at the facts.

A Healthier Alternative

Sure, e-cigarettes still give you nicotine. But so do patches, gum and pretty much every other substitute that helps you to quit, short of going cold turkey. Vaping may have taken off to a popularity that other alternatives never experienced, but that doesn’t make it any different or worse. In fact, by helping people to make the transition easily from smoking tobacco to a method that cuts out thousands of harmful toxins, whilst still giving you a pleasurable experience, it could be argued that it will help many more people find the strength to quit.

Not a ‘Gateway’ to Smoking

One of the big responses that critics have to the argument above is that popularity and the enjoyable experience provided by e-cigarettes encourages non-smokers to take up vaping. As such, opponents claim that it’s a gateway to smoking and something that can attract children and teens to take it up. However statistics from Action on Smoking and Health prove that ‘electronic cigarette use amongst never smokers remains negligible’, and where children are concerned, only those who smoke or have previously smoked tend to try e-cigs.


It can’t be denied that vaporisers have become fashionable in recent years, as tons of celebrity vapers including Johnny Depp, Leonardo diCaprio and more have come out in favour of the trend. With vaping cafes, competitions and events it is even becoming a culture. However this does not mean that vaping will encourage a new generation of smokers.

Dangers of E-Cigarettes

The other popular misconception that has riddled the media in recent months is the belief that electronic cigarettes can pose a serious risk of blowing up, setting fire or other forms of accidents. Like any chemicals, e-liquids should be kept out of the reach of children, whilst premium vaporisers usually have a range of safety features to prevent the rare accidents that have hit the headlines. By investing in a quality e-cigarette, there is no reason why you should be a victim to any such accidents.

Despite the various arguments, headlines and beliefs that opponents use to campaign against vaping, the world is yet to present a coherent case to stop the growth of e-cigarettes and the vaping community. By encouraging people to quit tobacco and choose a healthier alternative, it seems that the critics are fighting a losing battle with their campaigns for the foreseeable future.

Article by Kelly Gilmour Grassam, a Yorkshire lass who loves eating and travelling, in that order. This article was written with helpful information from Prestige Vaping. You can follow Kelly on twitter at @KellyGGrassam