It’s a well known fact that aging will come to all of us. While we are busy living life, we are aging. Everyone knows what this aging does. It can make us frail, more prone to falling ill and slower. Daily, as we are living, we are aging and there is nothing that can be done to stop this process, or is there? As we age, our skin begins to show tell tale signs of how old we really are. The evidence speaks for itself. Wrinkles and lines in our faces show how old we are.

When we are younger, our skin is elastic. It is full of bounce and self moisturizing. As we age, skin begins to lose its elasticity. It becomes thinner and in time it loses the ability to rejuvenate itself. This is due to the lowered production of collagen. As our skin produces less and less collagen, we begin to wrinkle and our skin thins. This is especially noticeable around our mouths and eyes. We also begin to get more dark spots as our skin begins to dry out and lose some of its natural oils. As the sebaceous glands begin to slow down our skin begins to dry out and age.

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Although everyone knows they cannot stop the actual process of aging, there are some things that can be done to help reduce those wrinkles and appear younger and more youthful. If someone aims to appear more youthful, they will want to learn some great anti aging techniques for skin care. Here are some of those anti aging techniques that can help to reduce the signs of aging.

It is important to eat a healthy low fat diet. This diet should contain plenty of complex carbohydrates. It should follow the government guidelines and have 5 fruits and vegetables as well as 3 proper servings of whole grains each and every day. Plenty of water should be drank as well. This means five to eight glasses of water per day. Only 30 to 35 percent of the daily calorie allotment should be from fat. At least 20 percent of that fat should be unsaturated fats such as one percent milk. olive or canola oils. Protein should be at least 15 percent and the rest of the calories should be form the carbohydrates. It is important to place an emphasis on complex carbs such as whole wheat bread, wild rice and oatmeal.

Exercise is very important. It is important to build both endurance and strength. Regular aerobic exercise is a must for anyone who is committed to slowing the aging process. Lots of studies have shown that exercise can combat the loss of stamina and muscle strength. It can also help with balance and bone density which can increase with age. By using repetitions of eight to 10 exercises at least two to three times per week, the person can build up their endurance and strength. That’s about 10 minutes worth of exercise.

It is also important to increases the intake of antioxidants. Free radicals can rapidly age us. Everyone needs to take a combination of both antioxidants and supplements to reduce the signs of aging. Eat plenty of darker colored vegetables such as carrots, squash, tomatoes and spinach. These will help to increase the carotenoids. Berries that are blue and purple will increase flavinoids as well. Foods contain many antioxidants so make sure to increase such foods in the diet.

With proper care and nutrition the signs of aging can be greatly reduced. people can enjoy a long happy healthy life well into their golden years. May people are blessed to have a natural resistance to aging. For those who aren’t, these tips should help.

With a sense of paranoia, Carl Gale is doing everything he can help stay looking young. He blogs on the subject of anti aging and skincare for Pulchritude