When planning a holiday, you have to think about all sort of problems that might or might not occur, and you probably end up forgetting about something anyways. Here is a reminder to don’t forget to look after your hair.

Some people might not think about it, but the sun can ruin your hair. If you expose your body to the sun for long enough, you will get burnt if you don’t use anything to protect yourself. It goes the same for your hair. You need to protect it in order to keep it the way it is. Otherwise you will get cracked ends, dry hair, and it can even change color. That is probably every woman’s nightmare.

There are, of course, ways to prevent anything bad from happening to your hair. You just need to take all the measures before you take your trip to the beach, and not later when the damage is already done.



As we said, the sun can lift the color of your hair, so you would want to take a salon color gloss treatment to protect your own color, and another good precaution measure is injection of a pre-sun shine to the hair. Don’t forget that sun damage on hair can leave you with long-term condition, which can be very hard and annoying to deal with later on.


You should definitely trim your hair before you go anywhere. Trim any rough ends you can find, so you won’t have even bigger rough end problems later on, because longer exposure to the sun can make this problem much worse if hair is not treated properly.


If you travel a lot, you should consider having your own travel kit with hair conditioner and shampoo and everything you use. You definitely cannot rely on stuff hotel provides you with, some of them are actually really bad. This does not go for every hotel, of course, there really are some that put a lot of attention to this matter, but it is not worth of risk if you are going to stay at some hotel for the first time and you don’t know what is waiting for you.

girl in the beach

If you are about to expose yourself to the sun, you should probably reconsider products you are using, because some of them can be very harmful for your hair. Read about them and find something that will fit your needs. It is always better to play it safe and rather use organic shampoo, which is designed to cleanse and nourish your hair with ingredients that are totally natural, than risk damaging it.

Don’t overdo

Even though many products are designed to help you in protection of your hair, you need to be careful and don’t use them too much. Everything is good and healthy in certain amounts, but once you start overdoing it, it can become as bad as you didn’t use anything, or even worse in some cases. Use everything according to advised rules and you will be perfectly fine.