All mothers-to-be have one problem during pregnancy to deal with. They are always hot. This constant feeling that someone has just turned up the heating in the middle of the summer is a not rare, at all.

Experts claim that babies generate heat as they grow, which increases mother’s blood volume and metabolic rate. This is the only way how the heat can leave your and your baby’s body. On top of that, hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy are another factor causing future mothers to swelter during summer months.

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Even though all of this is completely normal, it does make mothers incredibly uncomfortable. Stay with us to discover how to cope with hot weather while expecting.

Use a hand-held fan

Whether you are indoor or outdoor, having a fan next to you when sweating bouts start is extremely useful. There are usually two types of fans on the market. Folded paper fans can be found in any store, or you can make them yourself. On the other hand, portable battery-operated fans are practical, as well. You can easily place them in your bag to use whenever you have a need for them.

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Use a body spray

Make yourself a body spray by mixing water and essential oils. Find a plastic bottle with spray nozzle, add your favourite essential oil and leave the mixture in the fridge. You can also spray the mixture around the room for extra refreshment.

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Be careful what you eat and drink

Experts suggest drinking eight glasses of water per day while being pregnant. Especially during hot days, you should not let yourself be dehydrated. Another good reason you should drink a plenty of fluids is the fact that water reduces swelling, so common in pregnancy. Avoid eating salty and strong foods as they retain water in your body. Caffeine also raises the body temperature, so make sure you replace coffee with water or a fruit smoothie.

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Slow down

Since you will feel hot one way or the other, it is important to mention that changing your lifestyle can make your life easier during those nine months. Relax and take your time. Do not hurry. Give yourself more time do everyday chores. Limit the number of things you have to do per day. Slow, deep breathing will help you put yourself at ease.

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Take a swim

Swimming during pregnancy has a host of benefits. Apart from improving circulation and reducing back pain, swimming is a great way to cool down. Whenever you can, go to a local swimming pool and enjoy. It is one of the most interesting ways to beat the heat.

Dress lightly

Forget about synthetic materials, choose light breathable fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, linen, hemp and silk. DIY enthusiasts can order yarn online and make themselves anything they wish. Not only will you make yourself something to make you comfortable, but you will also have fun. The colour of clothes is important, too. Avoid dark colours as they absorb more light and heat than lighter ones.

Avoid direct sunlight

Avoiding the exposure to the sun between 11am and 5pm is crucial. Postpone everything you have to do until mornings or evenings. If you have to do something in this time interval, always wear a sunscreen and a hat. If you are on the beach, find an umbrella.

Use cold compresses

Another cooling method is using cold compresses. Wet a washcloth with cold water and place them on your forehead. Try it and you will be surprised how useful it is.

Pregnant women are really struggling with hot weather. Use everything you can to beat the heat and cool off.

Have we missed something? How do you cope with hot weather during pregnancy?