Every sport has a different technique and every sport needs a different diet. So we listed the foods you should include in your diet, depending on the sport you practice.


Key groceries for fitness are the dried fruits, because they will provide you enough energy for your workout and also will help in muscle recovery after exercise. So eat dry fruits, one hour before exercise.

dried fruits


The key food for this sport is the integral rice. Start consuming this food three days before the race. The ideal measure is 5 grams per kilogram of your weight. By doing this, you will allow the muscles to accumulate glucose, which will help in retaining your energy longer.

integral rice


The key food for this sport is the integral pasta, which is a rich source of glycogenin and is required for the liver and the muscles, for energy intensive activity and extended durability.



The key food for this sport is the oatmeal with apples. In this type of sport, your body needs to slowly release the carbohydrates so that the glucose will be constantly available to the muscles.

apple walnut oatmeal2


The key food for this sport is the couscous, because the body needs the energy which is necessary to move through the water effortlessly. It is rich in proteins and is an essential supplement for any athlete.