When was the last time that you measured your heart pressure? Did you visit your doctor recently for a regular check-up? Have you tested yourself for HIV? We don’t want to scare you. It’s simply a fact that many people are burdened with the fast pace dictated by today’s life style which is, unfortunately, a cause of many chronic diseases.  No matter if we talk about diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis or any venereal disease, they are all frequent, and in the begging you don’t even know they’re there. For instance, unhealthy diet usually leads to narrowing of the diameter of blood vessels, known as atherosclerosis or “silent killer”. This illness is very frequent and dangerous and if you have measured a high blood pressure lately, maybe you’re not just dealing with stress or nervousness.

Know your illness

It could happen to anyone. Denial of evident symptoms can only bring you into a hopeless situation when it is too late to change things. When they find out that they are sick, many people fall into despair or they get caught in depression, not realizing that they’re making it even worse that way. These things can manifest themselves through lack of desire and will, or self-pitying behaviour. Also, there are people who feel anger instead of grief or sorrow, and instead of self-destruction, they subject to aggression, directed toward the whole world. Some of you may already be familiar with a Kübler-Ross model which suggests 5 stages in the patient journey towards acceptance of illness: bargaining, anger, denial, depression, and acceptance in the end. Those who have never been sick before will probably find this very logical not knowing how hard it could actually be.

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Healthy diet

Changing your diet could really affect your recovery. Take care of what you eat and drink and it will help you feel so much better. Following instructions of your nutritionist and getting to know your illness will eventually help you become calmer and healthier.

Try to stay positive

It’s all about perspective. What if your illness came to you in order to tell you that it is time to change something in your life?! Maybe you just needed some rest from your exhausting job or bad habits you developed through years. You cannot change the fact that you’re ill, but you can surely think about what brought you into this situation and how to deal with it. So what can you do to help yourself? Understanding the nature of your illness will help you fight it. Be treated by someone you can trust. Keep in mind that the side effect of your medication could affect on mortification of your spirit. There are alternatives which could bring you peace in every single day to come.

No matter of you only need a sinus surgery, or you will be exposed to a long and arduous treatment, remember that there will always be someone who loves you and who is willing to help you, someone you love too.

Author: Sophie is a beauty blogger from Sydney. She’s fan of new natural skin care products and makeup. Sophie is always searching for new beauty tips & tricks. Follow her at Facebook.