Great skinIf you are looking to maintain healthy looking skin that feels great, you’ll need to put in some work. Most people who have beautiful skin stick to a daily skincare routine. Your skin takes a beating from sun rays, winds and harsh temperatures so you must implement a skincare regimen with the best skin care products. Below is an outline of the skin care routine that you should adopt starting today.

Where To Begin

If you don’t already have a cleanser, cotton pads, a moisturizer and a toner, you’ll need to buy them. Don’t apply commercial acne fighting products unless you have an egregious level of blemishes. These products are incredibly harsh and zap your skin of its natural oils. The result will be dry skin that feels terrible.

Instead, go for gentle vegan and hypoallergenic cleansing products that strip away unnecessary oil.  They’ll generate clear skin that looks and feels healthy. You don’t need a bunch of chemical laden skincare solutions to accomplish this.

Washing hands

The brunt of your daily skincare routine will center around cleansing, toning and moisturizing. This should be done in the morning before you apply your makeup and also at night before you hit the hay. This routine will provide your skin with the opportunity to heal and refresh itself by eliminating dirt and makeup. You can perform this routine in the shower to facilitate easy rinsing. Start out by washing your hands so that you don’t spread bacteria, dirt or other contaminants to your face. Apply warm water to your skin to open the pores.

The Cleanser

Implement the cleanser. Massage it upwards into your skin to eliminate makeup and grime. Let it seep deeply into your pores. Softly rub the cleanser in. Use wet cotton pads or splashes of water to remove the cleanser. Take care to not leave any on your face as its presence can lead to spots and irritation.

Rinse And Dry

Use cold water to rinse your skin. It will close the pores and stop dirt from re-entering. This will prove to be critical in the battle against blemishes. It will also give you a fresh aesthetic and prevent your face from appearing red. Next, dry your face by gently applying a paper towel or a regular bath towel. Use a fresh towel as a dirty one will send bacteria right onto your skin that can result in blemishes.

The Toner

After you’ve cleansed your face, use a cotton pad and toner. Toner will lift your skin‘s pH levels that were compromised during cleaning. The pH restoration will help your skin fight bacteria as well. Choose a toner that matches your skin type, kills bacteria and restores pH.

The Moisturizer

Moisturize with a face moisturizer that matches your skin type. Choose vegan and hypoallergenic moisturizers like ceramide creams to add essential moisture. Ceramides have 3 variations of essential skin lipids that help skin retain moisture.

You’ll find these to be much more effective than products like Aveeno that have harmful gluten. Ceramides are a new type of moisturizer that is especially helpful to those with dry skin and eczema. Massage it in circular motions onto your face to wrap up your daily skincare routine.

By adhering to the steps of this skin care regimen, you will keep skin looking and feeling healthy and happy.

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