Most cleaning products are safe to use when you are pregnant. However it does not mean that you should use anything that comes into your hands. Taking precautionary measures is of great importance. What to do in order to reduce the exposure to cleaning chemicals when you are pregnant or when you have a little baby is the topic of this article.

Proper ventilation

When you want to clean anything in your house, make sure a lot of windows are open in order to enable the circulation of air. You can also turn on any ventilation product you have, especially if you clean a bathroom.

Choose safer cleaning agents

The most popular cleaning products are sanitizers, cleaners and disinfectants. When you buy a cleaning product, read the label carefully in order to choose the least hazardous one. You can also opt for green cleaners. However, if there is a green label on the product, it does not guarantee it is safe to use. So, always read the label of green products as well. Finally, you can make your own cleaning agents. The ingredients usually used in these purposes are baking soda, club soda, borax, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. You can easily find the recipes on the Internet.

What to avoid

The first thing you should avoid is mixing bleach and ammonia since it can make you sick. If you can, avoid cleaning your oven because since it can be dangerous to breathe the chemicals and there is no proper ventilation around the oven. Avoid diluting cleaners if you are not sure how correctly to dilute them. If you have mold in your house, it is not recommended for you to clean it. Mold can cause allergies, respiratory illness, cough, wheeze and asthma. Even though there is no evidence that mold is toxic, avoid cleaning it yourself because mold can cause symptoms of a disease in healthy people.

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Wear protective equipment

You should always wear gloves. Certain chemicals can cause skin reactions such as itchiness and rushes. There is a possibility of developing a contact dermatitis. In order to maximize safety precautions, you can use some kind of protective coat in order to make sure you reduce the exposure to chemicals.

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When your baby is born, paying attention to chemical exposure is still the major issue. As chemicals may be harmful to your baby in the womb, there is a greater possibility of negative consequences when the baby is born.

How chemicals can affect your baby’s health?

It is scientifically proven that chemicals in household cleaners can cause eczema in babies. Allergy and asthma symptoms may get worse because your baby may inhale the fumes from cleaning products. Household cleaners can also cause eye irritation and make the eyes red and watery. Did you know that every year around million children swallow some kind of household cleaner?

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Cleaning agents and dry cleaning

The best thing is to use green cleaning agents or to make your own. You can also buy regular cleaners and disinfectants, but read the label carefully. Dry cleaners may be harmful to your baby. Ask the service what kind of chemicals they use. You can also find a service which uses non-toxic methods.

Carpet cleaning

Your baby spends 80-90% of his/her time at home. Carpets are the places in which dirt and bacteria are stored. Steam cleaning is recommended every six months. Use a mixture of vinegar and water to steam clean the carpet. It is not necessary to use any chemicals. The proper ventilation before and after the cleaning is crucial in order to avoid mold growth. In addition, do not use carpet cleaners in spray because the chemicals can become trapped in the carpet.

Do not clean your house while your child is inside

This may be a difficult thing to do since we do not have enough time during the day. And multitasking has become our everyday activity. However, make sure your child is not in the house when you clean. Better safe than sorry.

If you do not feel like cleaning, the best thing is to hire a cleaning service. The health comes first. Additionally, rubbish removal companies such as Rubbish Removal from Sydney can be of great help if you are pregnant.

Cleaning chemicals can seriously affect both your and your baby’s health if you are not careful. However, with the recommendations we gave you, you can be sure that your and your baby’s health is not endangered.