Just like in chess, if your life is in shambles, your queen steps up to get you out of it. It could be your mother, sister, wife, or daughter. The fact of the matter is that they are way more essential than one might realise. All the same, it is important to shed some light on a comparatively not-so-discussed topic – PCOS.

What are we talking about?

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a multi-symptom disease process and has been moderately misunderstood or under-diagnosed for many years now. The most common symptom is irregular periods wherein patients will skip periods for weeks/months at a time and then when they have them, it is fairly heavy.

It is also a medical condition where it is believed that insulin resistance plays a role. Abnormal hair growth is also seen along with acne and weight gain. There are a variety of PCOS symptoms that might alarm a patient that something might be going on. Certainly, if you are not ovulating and triggering a period then it can be difficult to attain pregnancy because you certainly have less opportunity in a year’s time period to get pregnant.

The prevalence rate of PCOS has been high, ranging to as high as 25% according to some studies. For the most part, PCOS disease is not life-threatening per se; it just simply needs to be managed.

If untreated, then it’s a different ball game we are talking about as it might lead to severe problems down the road. These include premature coronary disease, type 2 diabetes, and endometrial cancer. So, it is important to evaluate the condition and be on the same page as your PCOS doctor when discussing this disorder. The axiom, “I missed my period and it might be because I’m distressed!” cannot be a precise assessment. So, if women experience some of the symptoms, they should see their PCOS doctor at once to determine the cause.

Conventional treatment

PCOS treatment includes birth control pills to regulate periods, medications to prevent diabetes and control high cholesterol, and process to remove excess hair. No matter what remedies you might be consuming it is important to exercise regularly and a high fibre diet in order to lose weight and avoid emotional strain. And yet sometimes, taking up all the right medications and putting yourself through a strict lifestyle is not enough. Needless to mention, the possible side-effects these drugs could present are mood swings, swelling, and weight fluctuations, just to name a few. You need something that pretty much guarantees success with little to no side-effects at all–Homeopathy.

PCOS treatment in homeopathy

Homeopathy is the most wholesome course of action to deal with polycystic ovary syndrome. When it comes to PCOS treatment in homeopathy, it focuses eliminating its origin. Homeopathy works by jotting down the physical and psychological aspects associated with PCOS and then coming up with a personalized set of remedies. PCOS has changed so many women’s lives over the years. The fact that the majority of patients in homeopathy are women is no coincidence. Women trust homeopathic medicine more than any other and if PCOS is something that’s bothering you, you should turn to homeopathy as well.

Bottom line

Fret not; you aren’t sick no matter what everyone says. It is very common and can be dealt with if you have the right mind-set. Are you confused with what’s happening to your body? You can always consult a homeopathic doctor and start taking up prescribed homeopathic medicine for PCOS. Homeopathy may take some time for you to be completely relieved but it works wonders in the long run.