Excess weight and obesity are the major problems in the tech-savvy society we live in, and though there are many reasons behind this, most range between a lack of physical activity and excessive eating. It is not that difficult to control weight and look after one’s health on a daily basis. Those of us that say ‘it’s all in the mind’ are 100% right.  Compulsive eating one can beat when he or she puts their mind to it. And what better motivation do you have for getting in touch with your responsible and fit side than the onslaught of fashion magazines, or even worse, bathing suit tryouts, a week before your well-earned summer vacation? It may be easy to put on some extra weight today, but summertime is when we start feeling uncomfortable about it.


Below is a list of some sound pieces of advice that have been proven useful over the years, regardless of the weight loss trend du jour.

Think liquids. You do not have to switch over to a liquid diet for liquids to have some effect on your well being. How often do you drink water? Studies show that 75% of Americans do not get enough water intake, and the same can be said for the rest of the world. Tea is also a good thing to get into. Cinnamon tea, green tea and ginger tea (rich in anti-oxidants, and ginger benefits your digestion) are high on the list of healthy drinks that will cleanse your organism and give your skin a healthy glow. Best of all, they can be made as iced tea, for all your summer heat wave needs.


Chewing gum is a simple snack – and also one that will help you shed pounds. The mastication process stimulates digestion, and chewing on an empty stomach means your stomach is working overtime – obviously a neat trick, but one that should be used in moderation for fear of ulcers.

Having a routine is greatly beneficial to a controlled weight: stick to regular, scheduled meals and know where those calories and vitamins are coming from. Of course, sprinkle your diet with a little bit of exercise as well, or there is no point. Whenever possible or necessary drink water and only water.

Some people cook their food in coconut oil, an ongoing trend, though I find olive oil, and let’s face it, even regular sunflower oil, just as good! As for light snacks, or breakfast for the busy folks, how about plain yogurt and honey? Add some nuts to the mix, for additional proteins.Another exotic concoction is black pepper and lemon juice – sounds odd, but do try it, you might even like it. Some people do the healthy thing and break their main meals into smaller portions, but don’t forget that “snacking” is an enemy! Snacks are not the same thing as small portions of healthy, freshly prepared food. If you are not interested in making cooked meals any more of a hassle than they already are, simply make smaller amounts, and eat fruit all around the day. You will get enough nutrients and sugar for the whole day! An easy way to always have fruit on hand – I for one don’t have the time or taste for daily trips to the marketplace – is to schedule a fruit delivery like these Sydney sort.

Sleep is important as well.Without getting too ‘technical’ about it, sleep deprivation causes a lack of insulin production that is linked to the burning of your ‘fat cells’… When all this is in practice, a person should minimize stress levels. Eating before going to bed is also a big no-no. And remember, with everything mentioned – the trigger that gives them all a head start is regular exercise!