There are many products that promise to reduce the eye bags and the dark circles under the eyes and those products are often very expensive.Even though they are expensive, most of the time they are not so efficient. So checkout these tips before you decide to buy one of them and spend a lot of money.

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and the souls of many during these rainy days is probably tired, wrinkled and dark. But there are several ways to fix this and make the eye bags simply disappear.

Cream for Hemorrhoids

The actors and models know this secret for a long time. In fact, the hemorrhoid cream can make the eye bags disappear fast and visibly reduce the wrinkles.This cream is too powerful, so you should mix it with a small amount of your moisturizer before applying.


The tea with caffeine contains natural tannin, which is a mild diuretic and has been used long by our grandmothers long time ago, and today the worlds most famous super models, use it to reduce the eye bags.

tea bags for eyes

Get two tea bags and soak them in hot water and then put them in the fridge to cool them. Place the tea bags at your eyes. Leave them for 5 minutes, your eyes will be visibly refreshed.


Most of the people get the dark spots under their eyes when they are tired and because of that they look older.

If you can’t find time to relax and rest, chop an avocado to pieces and put them under your eyes. Or, rub the eye bags with a cream made ​​from almonds and milk, which have the same effect.


Metal spoons

Take two metal spoons and hold them under cold water for a few minutes. Then place the spoons under your eyes for 60 seconds. The cold metal will revive your tired eyes and will refresh them.

Fresh cucumbers

When your eyes are red and swollen, cur two pieces of fresh cucumber, lie down and place them on your eyes and leave them at least half an hour. Your eyes will look brighter and you will feel refreshed.

eye bags natural treatment

Chewing toys with ice gel (for babies)

Get yourself 2 circular chewing toys that the babies usually nibble while their teeth grow. Place them in the freezer and wait until they are frozen, then put them under your eyes for at least ten minutes. This will reduce the swelling.