Many of us are faced with staring at a screen and staying still for some portion of time at our daily jobs, but programmers quite possibly have it the toughest. If you ever thought it would be super cool to be like Jonny Lee Miller in Hackers, you may want to reconsider. The endless hours of immobility and code joggling can lead to an adverse effects to your health condition. The issues range from the expected eye strain and back pain to serious ones such as obesity, heart attack and even death in the long run.


Although you may say that back problems and eye strain are very common for almost every profession, it is nothing to sneeze at in the programmer’s world. Their eyes are fixed intensely to the monitor for well over 8 hours a day. This can eventually give birth to short-sidedness and other eye conditions. Many of them simply must resort to contact lenses or glasses. Laser surgery is an option, but it requires several procedures which may elevate the risk of complications and add up to the list of side-effects. One of the grave symptoms it causes is the dry eyes problem. The ones who suffer from it are easily spotted due to their awfully frequent blinking. Their eyes become their little, private sand dunes. The studies show that even though it appears mild and inconsequential, this symptom is also associated with the chronic pain and depression.


Muscles and bones

Back pain is inevitable if you are seated (or positioned otherwise) wrongly for too long during the day. Check and check for programmers. The often ignored pain that goes away if we rest a while can induce a long line of potential spinal conditions.  When legs are touching the ground, the blood which accumulating in the lower extremities puts great pressure on the spinal cord. If you don’t make pauses, the situation gets progressively worse. It starts with the numb feeling and discomfort, followed by spine misalignment. The upright position unavoidably causes tension in the major muscles and joints. The worst case scenario includes cardiovascular diseases, spinal disc herniation and carpal tunnel syndrome.


It is no wonder they call obesity the modern day disease as over 60% of Americans are being overweight, while programmers’ stats fly high at around 80% of the obese in their field. Mix the lifestyle of programmers with a chunk of sleep deprivation and a side of stress and you get more than you bargained for. You qualify for heightened chances of diabetes II, the drop in immunity and organ malfunction. The risk surges for the programmers over forty: The study indicates that working over 11 hours a day exposed to abnormal levels of stress immensely raises the chance of dying of all causes. It bulks to about 40% of chance for fatal outcome over the four year period.

In short

The diligent providers of contemporary tech junkies, programmers should bear in mind the burden of their endeavor. The sweet fruit of success in the business comes with a high price if the risks are not taken seriously. With proper manners in the working area, programmers can circumvent some of the direst of consequences their job regularly delivers.