Cherishing  physical activity at the early age is fundamental for physical constitution and good health of the child. We are witnessing a growing number of people who have problems with obesity, this trend did not miss the kids. The largest number of obese children remain obese in adulthood, that leads to earlier and more frequent occurrence of chronic diseases, orthopedic or psychosocial disorders. To avoid that, organize fun and healthy family activities.

Ideas for children up to 5 years

This period in the development of children is characterized by rapid pace of growth and development of musculature. Work on the development of your childrenby walking, imitating animals with them, playing outdoor games or games in the water. Bearing this in mind, make sure to spend, as much time as you can with your child outdoors. Walk together, especially after meals. Determine the weekend to go to the pool.When you’re at hometry to make a game out of household chores, in which you can specify the child tasks, such as dusting while standing on one leg and counting, etc. All in all, play with your child.

Ideas for children from 5 to 8 years

In this period, the muscular system is developing faster, children are very active. Because of all this, activities that should be used include stereotypical games and rhythmically synchronized movements. At this age, you no longer have to worry so much about whether a child is going to hurt itself during the game, considering thatit’s coordination is already sufficiently developed. This means that you can use a number of interesting deals offered by variousindoor fitness centers such as the Boing central. Here you can leave your child or children on the trampoline to work on their coordination, and you can engage in fitness or some other activity. Ride your bike together. Get involved in group games with other children, ball games, that way you are working on the socialization of child. Spend as much time in the parks, if you have a dog walk it together, and if you do not have it, ask a neighbor to walk his dog.

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Besides, in this age, a child should alreadyswim alone, so don’t forget the pool on weekends!

Ideas for children from 8 to 12 years

In this period individual interests and child’smotivation are built. This is also the period where it is possible to promptly and professionally direct kids to a particular sport and to stimulate young sport talents. Listen to your children, point them in to the wanted sport, follow them and train with them whenever you can. Also in this period, you should tryothers, not so much physical, but equally healthy activities, such as various board games for the whole family. Determine game night and respect that decision.

To the pool on weekends now you can go on your own!

We need to create the basis for good health, proper growth and development, useful habits, knowledge, skills and good working ability for our children, all of this can be achieved through joint activities. Your participation in these activities, with your child,contribute to bringing families together, developing good intergenerational communication, and of course staying in shape.