For those who love coconut Raffaello Coconut Candies are a great choice is certainly will become one of your favorite desserts, and your guest and friends will be amazed when they try these candies. It is a really simple recipe, but the end result is more than wonderful. No one could resist these delicious treats.

So bellow you find out what you will need for these delicious coconut candies and the way of preparation, and you can invite your friends this weekend and surprise them.



● ½ liter of milk
● 15 tablespoons sugar
● 10 tablespoons starch flour
● 250 grams of margarine
● 250 grams of coconut
● Two packages of vanilla sugar
● 200g hazelnuts
● 150 grams coconut flour



❶ In a bowl you mix the first the starch flour and the sugar to obtain a mixture like when you make a pudding. In the pot on the fire put the milk boil. Then pour the milk to the mixture of starch flour and sugar mix, and mix it until you get a cream with high density.

❷ Once the mixture is cool enough, add melted butter and mix well, then add the coconut flour.


❸ Then with wet hands from the prepared mixture make small balls and inside each of the balls put the hazelnut. Finally roll them in a bowl with coconut.

❹ Serve them in paper cups, well cooled and of course, invite your loved ones together to enjoy dessert. Have a pleasant appetite!