Homemade Spray Against Mosquitoes. Homemade remedies keep mosquitoes away. If you spend a lot of time out in nature where there are many mosquitoes, repeat this procedure every two hours and you will be safe. With the arrival of the  high temperatures those pesky mosquitoes appear and they are mostly found near places were there is water, a favorite spot for summer vacation!

But, if you are well informed about what you can do for these insects to not disturb you, and if you prepare this excellent home spray against mosquitoes, than the problem will be solved.

Homemade Spray Mosquitoes

The mosquitoes like dark and strong colors, so if you want them to avoid you wear bright and pastel wardrobe. Also the most attractive are the people who do sports, because their body is warmer and they sweat more and the mosquitoes are  attracted exactly from the compounds which are excreted through the sweat. Therefore, exercising  in nature near water is not such a good idea.

Stagnant waters are their favorite residence, they also adore pets, but what they don’t like are those fragrant essential oils.

So prepare the Homemade Spray Against Mosquitoes according to the following recipe and you will be protected from the tiny pests throughout the holiday!

In bottle sprayer put 10-15 ml of a favorite essential oil (preferably lavender or rosemary) and fill the rest with alcohol. Mix it well and spray at your clothes.

If you reside in nature where there are many mosquitoes, repeat the procedure every two hours and to stay safe.

Pure lavender oil can be used separately – apply it to the skin behind the ear, under the neck, behind the knees and elbows – where odors stay the longest.