How to Keep the Weight Off During the Winter Months

The winter months are cold and dreary times that most of us dread. Darkness creeps upon us and daylight is short lived and rarely seen by workers, school children and students. With little sun and plenty of cold it’s easy to reach for hearty stews, thick and creamy pasta dishes and warm pies to get us through the winter.  It’s easy to forget to exercise and to lose interest in the outdoors as you enter a sort of hibernation mode hidden behind thick knit jumpers, jogging pants, blankets and fluffy socks. It is this sort of behaviour that will lead to weight gain over the winter and it is this sort of behaviour that needs to be avoided. Below are a number of ways that will help to keep the weight off during the winter months.


The main thing to remember during the winter is to keep exercising.  We all know how easy it is to reach for a blanket and a sofa when it’s cold and dark but this needs to stop. Stay strong and get your exercise regime in first.  Neglecting to do so will result in extra weight gain, even if you don’t eat more than you normally would. Keep at the gym if you’re a member or swap to indoor exercising if you usually run outdoors.


Get Some Sunlight:

Some people suffer from depression in the winter known as Seasonal Affective Order. This is brought on by thewinter’s short days and can often lead to overeating or under eating.  Others just find winter gloomy so what better way to lift your sprits than getting some sunlight? Get as much natural sunlight during the winter possible by taking a walk during the day or by sitting next to a window as you work.  This will increase serotonin in the brain a chemical that makes you feel happy.

Eat Responsibly:

There are a variety of holidays that take place during the winter including Halloween, Bonfire night and of course Christmas.  People often assume that holidays are times for eating special foods and binging out on treats. They also think that this is the only time of year they will get to eat such foods and must therefore eat as much as possible. If you want that special treat go ahead and eat it, but do so moderately and stop treating every meal as your last.

Social Eating:

It isn’t uncommon for friends and family to get together during the winter to enjoy some good food and drink.  This is fine but remember to watch what you eat.  Social gatherings often display a large variety of foods and we can often get carried away with the large selection on offer.  It is also common to have food pushed in your direction but don’t be afraid to say no if you feel like you have eaten enough or are full. It is this type of self-control that will prevent you from putting on the extra pounds.

Watch what you drink:

It’s one thing watching what you eat but have you ever considered what you drink? You may not think it but drinks carry a lot of calories, particularly fizzy ones, chocolaty ones and hot ones with sugar. In the winter drinks seem to become even more calorific as ginger bread lattes and hot chocolates with whipped cream make an appearance. Feel free to treat yourself but be careful not to have too many and steer away from the larger options.

Author Bio:

Emma is a keen writer interested in health and fitness.  She currently writes for Goldstar Supplements suppliers of NRG Whey Protein and weight loss supplements.

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