The number of those who want to get the most of the summer holiday and get a better tan is large. To some of them (those with a darker skin ) it is easier, but for others (those with a white skin) it’s harder. Various creams are used for tanning. But the question is how to maintain the desired bronze tan and how to nurture your skin after sun tanning?

When the skin is exposed to sunlight the skin is very dry and needs a specific care in order to preserve the bronze color. We need to take a bath with hydrating shower gels or products that are organic and contain natural essential oils, so that the skin gets hydrated and will not be dry and itchy. We need to drink 2-3 liters of fluids, eat fruits that are rich in carotene and avoid peeling the skin. Avocado oil is recommended because is rich in antioxidants and can be applied while the skin is damp after showering.

tanning bronze color summer

Unnecessary exposure to the sun causes damage that is immediately apparent. The skin becomes dry and the sings of aging appear faster, but the consequences that occur later are known to be very worrying (the appearance of hyperpigmentation, birthmarks and in the worst case melanoma) .