We all can have a bad day. Bad day at work, broken computer, unexpected expenses and so on …

All these small or big situations that can happen to us every day, are causing stress, and the body cannot make a difference of a small or big stress. In this article we listed 8 ways to help you get rid of the stress in less than a minute.


Very simple thing. It is scientifically proven that laughing improves the mood quickly, and laughing loud is also good for the heart.



Get up and dance with your favorite song as it is your last day in earth. No one is watching you, there is nothing to be ashamed and afraid of..



Orange or lavender aroma

It has been proven that aroma of orange and lavender improves the mood.

orange lavender aroma

Chew gum

Chewing gum is good for the gums, but will also relax you and will reduce the tension and stress.

Girl playing with gum

Imagine that you are the best

The science says that if you imagine and start thinking that you are the best in the world, you will be calmed, relaxed, full of confidence and you will have no worries, you will be happier, even if you are very far from being the best.

the best

Green color 

Psychologists say that green color symbolizes happiness and that can cause such feelings. Wear a green sweater, get a green pen, put some green flowers at your desk …


Light a candle

You probably know this one – the flame of the candle can burn the stress and help you feel good.


Eat chocolate

It has been proven many times that a fine chocolate can improve your mood. Sounds to good to be true? Try it!