If you have sensitive skin and you know what situations increase the possibility of getting a rash or acne, you should also know that you can narrow down the chances of such irritation by regular skin care and hygiene. The degree of feverish skin reactions to bad surrounding conditions depends on the age and gender, as well. It is especially tricky to maintain your skin when you are away from home. When you finish all the daily duties and come home after a long stressful day, you can devote yourself to skin rejuvenation and spend as much time as necessary for that treatment. However, when you are away from home, either on business or on a holiday, you most often do not have the opportunity to take care of your skin as you can do it at home. Here are some tricks on keeping your sensitive skin in order when on a tourist or business trip.

Regular face wash

Wherever you travel, you should wash your face at least twice a day and if it is possible, even more often. While it goes without saying that a morning face wash is a must-do, you should also do it during the day. It is even more important if you go for a trip to hotter areas. If you forget to wash your face on a regular basis, it might happen that your face becomes covered with acne, as well. You certainly do not want to end up under an acne treatment in Sydney or at a dermatology department in Buenos Aires. So, to minimize the chance of ending up red-faced, you should make your face breathe and an omnipresent method for that is clean, drinking water.


Pack small doses

When you fly, the amount of package you can take with you is usually restricted, meaning that you can take only the basics with you on the plane. If you fly with a low-cost company, then the overall amount of luggage is limited. A witty strategy for packing your cosmetic products is pouring or putting smaller amount of each and every product into a smaller container. These small doses will suffice your stay away from home and you will still have proper protection and hygiene.

Know the priorities

In tight connection with the already mentioned limit during flights, you should know what your skin-care priorities are according to your skin type. First of all, you have to take the night cream and the moisturizer with you. Shoulder to shoulder with these products, you also have to have a sun cream with you. You can never tell what the weather is going to be. Even in colder parts of the world and especially on mountains is the sun cream a necessity. The sun is very tricky and it can leave your skin red and burnt and damaged for a long period of time.

In addition to all these products, you should also bring a body lotion with you. Long walks and whole days in the wind or sun can be excruciating not only for the skin on the face, but the other skin areas, as well.