Once you decide on getting the perfect tattoo, it is time to get under the needle, but you have to make sure that what you are etching into your skin is something you are ready to live with throughout your whole life, otherwise you will have to get rid of it. Fortunately, it is possible to remove tattoos with a laser treatment. The technology has developed so far that the treatments are pretty painless and you get great results, however, it will require some preparation before and some taking care of your skin after the tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal

Nowadays, a type of Q-Switched laser system is used which basically emits two wavelengths of laser light to be absorbed by the particles in the ink in your tattoo. Essentially, the laser light breaks the ink apart into tiny particles so that you skin and your natural filtering system in your body gets rid of the rest. It will require some time, and perhaps a few sessions to get every detail of your tattoo removed.

The number of sessions mainly depends on the type of ink used, whether it is only one color or if there are other colors as well. Then it will also depend on the depth of the ink that penetrated the skin, and also the whether it was worked by a professional or by an amateur. The last part is extremely important because it will be clear what kind of tattoo ink was used and what kind of equipment as well, all of this is needed so that you can have your tattoo removed more easily and without any extra sessions.

Consequences of laser tattoo removal

Not every skin will react the same way, and it should be noted that there is a chance of scab forming, although you should avoid picking or scratching the area of skin because you run a chance of getting a pretty serious infection. Also, if you damage the area where the tattoo was removed, there is a good chance that a scar will also form. It is vital that you follow instructions prior to tattoo removal and after as well.

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Before laser tattoo removal

It is important that you avoid any skin care products that thin out your skin, or remove layers of your skin at least 3 weeks prior to laser treatment, because there will be a good chance that you can develop some kind of skin illness or even worse complications. You should also avoid using pain reliving medication and vitamin E supplements at least 2 days before the treatment, those medications can lead to complications and it is better to avoid if possible for better results. This is a must if you want your tattoo removal treatment to go as planned.

After laser tattoo removal

The skin where the tattoo was removed will be extremely sensitive and you should take good care and follow instructions, otherwise you might get an infection or even something worse. For the next couple days, Aloe Vera and icepacks will be your best friends. These will help you suppress any infection from happening and also help with faster skin regeneration. Moreover, you should avoid any strenuous activities, pools, and especially saunas.

Avoid any exposure to the sun until you are given a green light to do so and stay clear of extreme changes of temperature as it can affect the skin. Furthermore, you will have to apply an antibiotic ointment daily to fight back any eventual infection and to help the skin heal faster. It goes without saying that you should use clean or disinfected cloths and pads when handling the region with laser treatment.

After the tattoo is removed  

It is important that you follow instructions exactly and that you do not skip any step as the skin will be extremely sensitive and you will need to protect it in order to recuperate properly. Be prepared that the healing is a long process, you will be required to apply all kinds of ointments to keep your skin safe, but in the end the tattoo will completely vanish without any trace. And if you followed the instructions, you will have flawless skin without a scar or anything to remind you about your old tattoo.