Heart diseases seem to have plagued the world around if we go by global statistics. Heart skipping a beat is no more a romantic phrase and people generally have become conscious about their well-being to the extent of being paranoid. So, how you should take care of heart without ‘losing it’? Read on.

Eat wisely with happy mind

Bottom line is – relish what you eat. Respect and enjoy your decision of eating healthy. So, try incorporating in your diet these delicious food items which you can enjoy for better heart health:

  1. Oatmeal porridge
  2. Oat cookies or multi-fiber cookies
  3. Salmon or tuna fish
  4. Lots of salads and fruits
  5. Protein rich foods instead of fat-rich delicacies
  6. Fresh juices

These food items are not only delicious but also are heart-friendly. Eating wisely and more important, happily, is one of the best ways of maintaining good heart health.

Exercise wisely without going for silly goals

Keeping fit is all about staying physically active and being able to deal with the physical challenges effortlessly. So, take a look at the exercise regime that you are following. Is it keeping you energetic? If desired results are not met, then you certainly need to reframe your exercise schedule. Try these:

  1. Take lighter exercises and select such sets that focus upon overall fitness.
  2. Practice breathing exercises for better oxygen intake.
  3. Walk for at least 20 minutes daily.
  4. Play an outdoor sport.
  5. Always include stress-busting meditation tools in your fitness regime to ensure calmness of mind.

Also, induct Health Risk Assessment programs into your life. Such programs help you have realistic picture of your health and, eventually, you may assess better how much exercise is good for you.

Work wisely with realistic aims in mind

Identify yourself completely first and then go for occupation that suits your being completely. Accept your limitations and choose such ways of making a living which takes you closer to life.

  1. Set targets but do not go crazy about them. Fall in love with the process instead of over-thinking about results.
  2. You are born to learn and excel and not to stay under stress in the quest of emerging out winner always.
  3. Work for your happiness. If you are dying every moment and minting money, you are surely going to throw yourself into well of stress. So, make wise balance sheet of life.
  4. Keep constructive approach towards feedback. Learn, observe and do your best while picking only what is best suited for the better fulfillment of your work goals.

Entertain yourself wisely without harming yourself

You need not plunge into scarier and unknown respites such as smoking and drinking just to get so-called ‘break’ from your overworked routines.  You may try these instead:

  1. Spending time in nature and playing beach sports
  2. Reading good books than getting addicted to TV or video games
  3. Playing and interacting with kids instead of ruining yourself in rave parties
  4. Try catching live performances or plays rather than watching soul-disturbing movies
  5. Going for weekend vacation and spending time with the people closest to your heart
  6. Nurturing a hobby that keeps you occupied and offers a good mode of fulfillment
  7. Going for long drives with your sweetheart
  8. Meeting your parents at least twice a week

Maintaining good heart health is all about having correct attitude. When all the fad diets, wellness plans and health guides have stopped working for you, indulge into positive self-talk to find out a better solution.

Description: Are you not happy with the results in spite of doing everything to keep the heart hale and hearty? If yes, read on to find out where you have lacked and what the solution is.

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