The dietitians say that the kumquat fruit,which is the only citrus fruit that can be consumed without peeling and can be very useful for people suffering from high blood pressure and have high cholesterol levels and it is proven to be very effective at lowering the blood pressure and the cholesterol.

Kumquat oranges are from the  tangerines and lemons family.Consuming this fruit without peeling is more important. The aroma of this fruit is similar to the Bergamot orange, which we all love.This fruit decreases our appetite and cravings for sweets and will help us consume less sugar and sweets.

The Kumquat fruit with its high content of vitamin C is a  very powerful antioxidant. Has a protective effect and strengthens the immune system against diseases.

The fruits skin is edible and will help the body to fight against infections. Besides the A vitamin,contains high amounts of B1, B2 and B3 vitamins. The high amounts of these vitamins contribute to the nervous system.

Because it has a different flavor can be consumed as jam and jellies. It can also be consumed as juice and sauce. You can also add it to your salads without peeling its skin.

kumquat jam and jelly                       kumquat marmalade

The Kumquat fruit also contains high amounts of calcium, which is important for the bone and dental health. For those who have high cholesterol it is recommended to regularly consume this fruit. By consuming this fruit regularly, your cholesterol will experience a  long-term decrease. Those with blood pressure problems should consume this fruit regularly.