Some cocktails are not very hard to make and you can easily prepare them at home. Today we present the recipe for the popular and amazing “Mojito” cocktail.


● 3 teaspoons of brown sugar from sugar cane
● 1 fresh lime
● 1 dl white rum (Havana Club) or other
● 2 dl tonic
● 4 fresh mint leaves
● 4 teaspoons of crushed ice


Prepare two cups of 2 dl. Wash the lime, dry it, cut it to half and squeeze it to extract the juice. Collect whats left in the lime after squeezing with a spoon.

Cut the peel in a circle to get a thin spiral cord, then put at into the glass as decoration.

homemade mojito cocktail

In each cup pour a half teaspoon of sugar and pour the juice you squeezed from the lime. Add the previously prepared mint into the cups, then add ice, pour the rum, and finally add the tonic.

You can decorate the cups with the lime peel.