Women in general avoid talking about their personal health issues like overactive bladder, vaginal disorders, less sexual appeal or gratification etc. but there is one thing they must not forget that hiding or not talking over these health issues would distant them from better life and personal satisfaction.

In fact, opening up with these issues to a health practitioner can help them manage life effectively and efficiently. Here are a few things women must look into if they have a slightest doubt about it.

Are You Experiencing Bladder Issues?

Are you feeling symptoms of an overactive bladder (OAB)? Do you feel sudden need to rush to the restroom? You do pass out at night? Do you fear having embarrassment while in public? Do you feel loose vagina or less lubrication while sexual intercourse?

Anyone can feel that sudden urge to go to the restroom but if it’s very often, make sure you see a doctor. Keeping a daily bladder diary can help you and your doctor determines whether you have an overactive bladder or not?

What Is a Bladder Diary?

A bladder diary is more like a normal daily diary; all you need is to attend to your personal experiences and symptoms. For maintaining a bladder diary you don’t have to limit yourself to a set of activities. In fact you can easily maintain it while maintaining your grocery diary or your daily dairy.

The National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information say, although there are ways to maintain your daily bladder diary, but for proper formatting, you can download one from The American Urogynecologic Society site.

For What Duration, Do I Fill My Daily Bladder Diary?

Consistency is the key to reach the right diagnoses. Make sure you keep diary with you wherever you go or whatever you do. Fill it for about two weeks so that your consultant has a sequence of symptoms and evidences to decide upon. If you think there is any need to fill out details, give details. The more you are clear with your bladder responses, the better it is for the reader to understand, analyse and prescribe treatments.


How Do I Fill Out the Diary?

For compiling a series of symptoms, you must have the following options to note down in your bladder diary. You can also add on your options if you want but the diary is often divided into the following categories:

  • Hours of the day
  • Number of drinks you consume
  • Number of times you urinate
  • Accidental leaks
  • Whether you had a powerful urge to go
  • Your activities
  • How much you passed – full bladders of just a few drops

When it about leaks, specify time, how much you leaked and how much did you wait before leaking. Whether your urge was strong or weak, did you feel that you would leak or was it completely unalarmed.

Note down every little detail so that your doctor recommends you the right treatment, surgery or exercises.

A Diary Can Help During Treatment

Women health is sensitive to changes and when you are unable to understand what’s troubling you specifically; your daily bladder diary can be a useful information tool to help you reach the point.

You can use this information to talk to your doctor about other possible treatments. Vaginal tightening can help you get rid of stress urinary incontinence, if you stand on its initial stage. Thus, maintain a diary and help your doctor reach the right hypothesis.

Do Diaries Really Work?

A recent study evaluated the effectiveness of bladder diaries when diagnosing urinary incontinence in women. Nearly 214 women of ages 40 to 90 years maintained a diary for 14 days where they noted their episodes of leakage, their activities and their urge to see a restroom. They also noted their eating habits and daily activities to ensure nothing is missed out from their diaries.


Maintaining a daily bladder diary can help you analyse what specifically is happening in your body. It can help your doctor reach the right point of diagnoses whether you’ve an OAB or you are suffering from weak pelvic and vaginal disorder.

The Blog post is written by Asghar Paracha on behalf of Petite Lady to provide information on bladder issues.