Morning is the time when we feel rejuvenated, full of energy and will power. Practicing meditation during this time can be most fruitful. The calm and quiet nature will assist you in meditation.

As the day starts, the earth becomes energetic and full of movements. Due to dynamic nature of life style, there can be some feeling of irritation in the outer world or in the cosmos. The vibrations of the people moving around you enters into not only you but the air, the light, everything which surrounds you get penetrated by vibrations of human anxieties or activities.

Meditation during day or evening can be difficult as we are in the hustle and bustle of the world. We met many people; good or bad and their impure or undivine thoughts may have entered into you.So you are required to be inwardly very strong to protect yourself from these unaspiring and undivine forces from the outer world to have an uninterrupted focus while practicing meditation.

So if you practice meditation before the world awakens, when the cosmos and people around you are still only then you can move into deeper meditation.

Benefits of morning meditation:


Reduces anxiety and depression

Mediation helps in increasing the levels of neurotransmitters Serotonin and Gaba which are mood stabilizers. Lower level of these neurotransmitters may cause anxiety, insomnia and stress.

Improves the sense of well-being

It increases the release of endorphins the natural hormone in the body which elevates the mood and hence the sense of well-being.

Improves concentration

The state of stability achieved during meditation helps you to improve your concentration. The ability to focus or concentrate helps you to perform better at work, or in stressful situations thus increases your productivity.

Enhances creativity

Practicing meditation makes the mind and spirit more open and active which increases creativity. Usually the people with creativity or bright ideas are engaged in meditation in their everyday routine.

Good for heart

The relaxed state during meditation lowers the blood pressure and heart rate. The steady breathing supplies oxygen to all body parts and improves circulation which improves the cardiovascular health.

Increased emotional quotient

Increased self awareness gained from meditation aids in emotional quotient. Hence, increases a person’s ability to cope with demands and pressures. It also improves the control on thoughts, emotions and actions.

Calms the mind

During meditative state, the busy state of mind shifts to relaxed state of mind. We have different brainwave frequencies; Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta. Beta frequency is responsible for busy mind and which shifts to calm state of Alpha, Theta and Delta during meditation.

Morning meditation is an integral part of many yoga retreats. You would love practicing morning mediation while spending a rich time in yoga retreat. The yoga retreat will make you technically sound in practicing meditation without any error to make it a fruitful affair.

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