The new year is the perfect time to ring in the new you. Many people start with a resolution to eat healthier. Opting for organic foods is a way to make your diet cleaner, more wholesome and better for your health. As almost everyone has discovered, great resolutions aren’t enough. You need an action plan to make healthy changes. A simple guide for getting started will tilt the odds in your favor for keeping your resolution to eat healthier this year.

Healthy Eating Resolution

A positive focus tends to work better for programming your subconscious. So when you write your healthy eating goals, focus on what you will do, instead of what you won’t. For example, instead of: ‘cut out commercial desserts,’ write: I will buy and serve organic fruits for dessert. You might start with having organic fruit for desserts three times a week and gradually phase out commercial products.


Make your goals specific and measurable so you can celebrate your progress. You’re more likely to succeed at making the transition to an organic diet if you make the change over a period of weeks instead of trying to change everything at once, especially if you have household members who might resist the changes. For example, pick up three items of organic produce and one other organic product each time you shop. Start replacing items you buy regularly with organic versions, such as jam, butter, eggs, bread and condiments.

Benefits of Organic Food

One of the main reasons people switch to eating organic foods is to avoid all the pesticides, chemicals and additives that make commercial food so toxic. Many produce items are loaded with pesticides. Toxins can tax your liver and kidneys and have a negative effect on your overall health. Poisons in our food can contribute to disease. When you choose organic food, it’s easier to maintain your health because you’re nurturing your body with natural, nurturing food.

When you choose organic products, you’re voting with your wallet. Your purchases directly support farmers and companies who are refraining from adding more poisons and pollution to our soil and water. In this way you’re benefiting the planet and future generations. Many people report feeling better and more energized when they eat an all-organic or primarily organic diet. The best way to find out how you’ll feel on a less toxic diet is to try it for yourself.

Shopping Organic

There are many ways to obtain organic food. You can grow your own, go to farmer’s markets and look for certified organic items, go to natural food stores, and look for organic produce and other goods at your local grocery stores.

Ordering organic food online offers a convenient option that can offer greater variety of products, especially if you live in an area where organic options are limited. In some areas, food co-ops offer the power to order items in bulk to save money.

To keep your healthy eating resolution this year, make a master grocery list on your computer, tablet, phone or on paper. Item by item, replace your foods with an organic version. Have fun with it. Have a tasting meal with new items, such as three different flavors or brands of jelly served with two kinds of nut butters. Make this year your healthiest year of all!

Todd Nelson, D.Sc. trained at the International Center for Natural Health and Medicine, graduating with both a Naturopathic Doctor degree and a Doctor of Holistic Health Sciences degree. Aside from heading the Tree of Life Wellness Center in Denver, Colorado as a naturopathic doctor, Todd is also a co-author of 3 books.