Having a physical or mental disability does not have to be a drawback nowadays. Thanks to the process of raising the awareness that the whole community should help the disabled, more of our fellow citizens can seek and find professional assistance in case of experiencing any such problems. The best care for people with disabilities is secured by the system, other members of society and the disabled themselves.

Legal treatment

First of all, you need to know what institutions you are supposed to ask for assistance. On the federal level for those living in the US, the agency in charge of helping the disabled is Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA examines and approves or dismisses individuals for the benefits and help from social services. It inspects your current condition to check whether you are eligible for financial help from the state. After that, the data about you are sent to the local administration, i.e. Disability Determination Services (DDS), which then sends you to medical testing and brings the final decision on your state and the possibility of getting financial support as a disabled individual.

When your medical records are done, the DDS decides what jobs you can do, if any. The amount that you get from the state depends on your overall physical and mental condition, i.e. your (in)eligibility to work.

People with Disabillities How to get the best care

Your own care

Of course that the state has its mechanisms of helping the disabled, but you always have to be aware that you cannot rely only on their help. If you have always had some kind of disability, you have probably grown into a strong and firm personality that knows how to find for your rights. However, those who have recently been disabled have to get used to the fact that their body has changed. So, one of the first things the people in that position should do is getting psychological therapy. It can improve your mental condition a lot and help you overcome the shock caused by your current disability.

In addition to that, you should also have a proper general practitioner. If your old one or his or her office does not meet the needs of the disabled, do not hesitate to choose a new one. Always bring the complete medical records with you and talk to your doctors directly about your problems. Besides that, make sure that the hospital or clinic you attend gets medical supplies from renowned manufacturers.

Get a therapy

The question of the proper therapy is closely connected with the degree to which you care about yourself. Once you have found the right GP who understands your needs, you should ask for as many therapies as possible. Of course, their number will depend on your financial condition, as well. So, you should also check with your medical insurance what expenses they will cover. All these features will determine how many therapies you will attend.

The most important one is the physical therapy, where a physical therapist will take care that you strengthen the areas that have been damaged. Physical activity will make you feel better and regain self-confidence, as well.

At the same time, you should go for an occupational therapist, who will teach you how to do some things that might be problematic due to your disability.

Finally, when your condition has been improved, assistance from a vocational therapist is a must-do. He or she will help you find a new job or get back to your old one, by estimating your current health state and the SSA and DDS analyses.