There are many articles written about bodybuilding, but not many about the cause why men want to gain muscles.So in this article we will try to answer to some questions and find out what could be the reason that stimulates men to workout and exercise in order to gain muscles.

Why no one was has ever written anything about these questions so far? Maybe the majority of bodybuilders, did not have the courage to reveal their psychology …

We got these answers from a person that not only improves his body, but also was a champion in this branch of business.

With what motivation the body builders have begun this work and what is the basic psychology and society’s perspectives on them. We will have the honor of being perhaps the first to write about this.

Why Men Improve Their Bodies?

When you ask such a question in the community, you can get straight answers according to the logic of our people. “To beat someone” “To get the girls attention” are the two responses you’ll encounter most frequently.

In fact, these thoughts, might look very simple, but they are not without truth, these are the concepts of men in the world  that comes from the beginning of the human history.

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“To beat someone”

All the living things in nature need to protect themselves and to survive and to maintain their generations they must be strong and powerful.Some of the animals fight with their competitors are known to fluff their feathers to intimidate them in the beginning .

This, in fact means that men actually want to develop muscles to be strong, as well to have a body that that will make them look strong. So we will not be wrong if we say that the psychology of bodybuilding is coming from the survival instinct.

Now, even though we’re not in the middle ages, and there is the police force , the army and the law, but we have many examples and many situations that we had to protect ourselves in some cases because there was no police around there or someone else to help.

Many people in the community exercise bodybuilding so they can beat someone. However, for me and for many others like me, this is  just a deterrent force against the aggressor. A muscular body sometimes serves a very peaceful purpose, namely to prevent a possible fight.

Of course, all kinds of sports bring the power and health. Here I want to draw your particular attention to a detail, the bodybuilding does not only make you stronger and healthier but makes you look stronger.

“To get the girls attention”

Those who want to see interest from the opposite sex, to be desired and liked from the girls and woman, they may not be aware of that they are doing this sport exactly for this reason.

Unchanging rules of the nature: The most powerful and the most magnificent looking grabs the girl! It’s that simple.

In our age, what is more important for most women is intelligence, status and attention. But imagine you have all this and a strong and healthy body. Wouldn’t that be even better?