Lower back pain is a very common problem nowadays. If you experienced it you are aware that there is not a single solution to the problem. Which one should be applied depends on the source of the problem, the extent of pain and side-effects that the pain causes. We covered for you a few of  the most frequent remedies.


Medications, and the vast variety of it, are an easiest solution and they cover basically any type and any severity of pain. However, they do not offer a long term solution since they treat the symptom, not the source of your problems. Naturally, they are of great help, still, you should consult your doctor and trace the very source of the pain and try to eliminate it.

Get in motion

In a number of situations, lower back pain is a consequence of not enough body action during the day. You go to work by car, you spend the day in the office, you go home by car, you eat and you sleep. Repeat this regularly and the pain starts. And increases with time. Get in motion, now! Try walking to and from work, establish a daily exercise routine, it does not have to be anything strenuous, stretching, walking and occasional running would make a significant difference. This will improve your sleep too, regenerating energy and causing additional pain relief. When exercising, concentrate on abdominal and back muscles. Improving your stance will do wonders when it comes to lower back pain relief.

Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Organize your desk

The majority of people that suffer from lower back problems and pain that comes from it is office people, those that sit behind their desks an entire working day, for months and years. Job description probably will not change, however, the conditions can. Remember these two words: ergonomic workstation, they are the key solution. Basically, adapt your work desk and chair in such a way that make your body position itself in the most ergonomically way. Crucial tips are: keep your feet flat on the floor; keep your forearms parallel to the desk surface, your monitor in front of your eyes at approximately 90 degrees angle and your mouse and keyboard at reach, do not stretch in order to reach them; choose a chair that supports your lower back; Arrange other items, phone, printer, scanner, etc., within sight and reach. Furthermore, no matter how comfortable it feels, change your position a number of times daily, to keep the circulation going and muscles moving. Stand up from time to time and do not forget the ‘get in motion’ remedy mentioned above.

The best way to instantly remedy your lower back pain is the painkillers. However, do not stop there if you want a long term solution. Make sure you incorporate other two remedies mentioned. Start immediately. The best way to go it is to combine both of them on daily basis. Be patient and persistent and the relief will surely come.