Many runners can agree that there is nothing like a morning run to set the tone for the rest of the day. While the rest of the world sleeps, you’re already conquering the morning. This high energy boost can help keep the momentum going at work, and may even help you make healthier eating choices throughout the day. For pre-dawn runners, there are safety considerations to keep in mind before you rush out the door to get your workout in before the sun comes out.

Female Runners

For women, running alone in the morning is especially dangerous. There have been many horrific stories of sexual predators who have viciously targeted and attacked morning runners. Survivors of these attacks caution other women to never go jogging alone, especially in the dark. They suggest getting your friends and family involved, joining a running group, or even forming your own Facebook community. Never go alone, as this makes you more vulnerable to any attacker, and always let someone know what your running route will be. Of course, this can apply to males as well. Decide what is essential to carry on your jog, and be cautious of muggers.

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Leave Your Headphones

Many of us pop on our headsets with our favorite music without thinking twice about it. For runners, this can prove to be very dangerous. Not being completely aware of your surroundings can make you more susceptible to serious injury. You may not hear oncoming traffic or strangers while wearing headphones. Drivers in the rush of the early commute may be distracted and may not be aware of your presence until it is too late. If you have noticed how many people are glancing down at their cell phones while driving recently, this might just make you want to stay on the safe side and avoid the risk. Running without music can also help you appreciate your surroundings more, and be more in tune with your body.

Be Visible

The early morning hours can be dark as night. Be sure to stay visible to drivers. Wear reflective clothing or headbands. Make sure that you can be seen from the front as well as the back. Distracted drivers are on the rise, and you definitely do not want to be a victim of one. Stay safe by running only on designated areas and stick to the sidewalks. Make sure that you can see as well to avoid injury. Stay on well-lit running paths, and trust your instincts. If a path looks too dark or makes you uneasy, avoid it.

Use Common Sense

The takeaway tip to running safely in the pre-dawn hours is: Use common sense. Vary the routes you take, so that you will not be predictable to potential predators. Although it is important to let someone know where you will be, avoid posting it on social media where you don’t know who will be watching. Do not post your running route, or allow apps to do that. Always be watchful of your surroundings, as animals or otherwise, can be lurking about. Remember that there is safety in numbers. Running in the morning can be a great way to start the day. Make safety a priority before you dash out the door.