Most of the people in the world die of strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. However, very few people know the cause of the death. Is it from the alcohol, smoking or the lack of physical activity?

The medicine points out that the main causes of a heart attack and stroke, as well as for other diseases of the heart and diseases of the blood vessels, blood pressure, are the high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, heredity, diabetes, stress, obesity, smoking and poor physical activity. But besides these, but there are factors that increase the risk of a heart attack and stroke. A team of scientists from US made a list of the unexpected factors that can lead to a heart attack.

Bad neighbors

If you have bad neighbors your risk of getting a heart attack is bigger. A study conducted in 2001 compared the diseases of those people who were satisfied with their neighbors with a group of people who fantasize that due to the bad neighborhood they need to move elsewhere. It turned out that the risk of a heart attack in the second group was 10% higher than in the first.


Many of the antibiotics are have harmful effects on the heart. An great example is the azithromycin antibiotic. A survey made in 2012 showed that this antibiotic has a direct and obvious harmful effects our cardiovascular system, even if used in short-term.


Most of the older people die from a heart disease, especially from a heart attack caused by an infection. The risk of a heart attack is five bigger at people that are already ill from some other disease. That is why it is recommended for old people to take a special care during the flu epidemic and to get vaccinated.

heart attack

Family Problems

Problems in your relationship or with your loved ones, may increase the risk of a heart disease and of the blood vessels up to 34% and more. This is one of the biggest risk factors for a heart attack and the scientists advise the couples, especially the older people should take a good care of each other, because the problems with your spouse could cause a heart attack.

Kidney Problems

Another study in 2007 showed that even a small problem with the kidneys can increase the risk of a heart attack by 20%. The scientists can not find the cause-effect relationship between the stroke and kidney disease, but it has been proven that even a small problem with the kidneys could cause a heart attack.

Urban Life

People who live in big cities have a higher risk of getting a heart attack or stroke. Driving through the traffic everyday or using public transportations can double the risk of a heart attack.

Bad Boss

Many that suffered from a heart attack have sad that they have stress at their workplace and their boss is bad. This can cause stress and may be the cause of a heart attack as well.Of course we do not have a scientific confirmation for this.