Although the Green tea is one of the most popular, the Black tea is tea that has a long tradition and quality with a great benefit for our heart.
The Black tea is among the top selling teas in the Western countries, and as scientists prefer to say it is the born brother of the Green tea because are made from the plant Camellia sinensis. From this plant besides the Green and the Black tea, the White is also made from the leaves of this plant , and all three have a great impact on the body.

Black tea compared to his “brothers” contains the largest amount of caffeine, which means that this tea is an ideal replacement for coffee and energy drinks. In many studies the medicinal properties of black tea were examined. In almost all the tests it was confirmed that the Black tea has a great effect on the health of the heart and the blood vessels, scientists say it is especially good at preventing the inflammation of the blood vessels walls.

the black tea for your heart

At the Boston University School of Medicine was made a research which included a group of patients who had a heart disease and had to drink four cups of Black tea a day, and another group of patients also with heart disease that did not drink Black tea. After a month in the university examinations was seen that the patients who drank Black tea showed a 50% improvement in the cardiac and vascular health compared to those who did not drink Black tea.

Besides  improving cardiac function this tea is excellent for improving brain function and lung health. Scientists say it is a great drink that you should use when you have physical or mental activity, as it provides concentration, energy and improves reflexes. If we talk about the antioxidants we can say that the Green tea has more antioxidants, but the Black tea also has antioxidants which have a key role in maintaining the body health, slowing down aging and protecting against cancer.

The only thing we have to mention is that the Black tea contains a high amounts of caffeine which has a detrimental effect on health. Drinking four cups of Black tea throughout the day for people who are not sensitive to caffeine is an excellent choice.