Cinnamon has been recognized since ambiguity for its medicinal properties. Most medical research has confirmed that Ceylon cinnamon(Cinnamomumverum) is necessary for a healthy life. The following are examples of the health benefits of Ceylon cinnamon.

  • Blood sugar control– Studies have shown that Ceylon Cinnamon has properties that help people with insulin resistance. Therefore, it is very popular to those who want to control their blood sugar variations.

Positive results have found that Ceylon Cinnamon control blood sugar in rats.  Patients who are taking Ceylon Cinnamon to control diabetes should take it in moderation and ensure they have a healthy program of diet.

  • Candida Yeast Infection– Ceylon Cinnamon has shown great ability to stop drug-resistant yeast infections. For instance, it can easily stop development of Candida albican fungus and Escherichia coli bacteria. Many studies have revealed that Ceylon Cinnamon Oil is the most effective way to control Candida.  It can effectively stop infections caused by Candida tropicalis, Candida albicans, and Candida krusei.
  • Stomach Bug– The best solution to stomach flu is Ceylon Cinnamon. It remedy stomach bug because it is a strong anti-bacterial. Study has shown that Ceylon Cinnamon is one of the most effective drugs against E-coli, Campylobacter and Salmonella.
  • IrritableBowel Syndrome (IBS)– Ceylon Cinnamon significantly reduces the uncomfortable feelings caused by IBS. It does this by eliminating bacteria and curing infections in the GI tract. It enables the gastric juices to perform their work normally. A Japanese study that could not be verified suggested that Cinnamon can cure lacers. However, it is well known that a cup of Ceylon Cinnamon tea can drastically reduce the pain caused by lacers.
  • Cancer Preventer– Study shows that Cinnamon oil can treat Gastric cancer, Melanomas and Tumors. Previouslyresearch has shown that sugar might be sustaining or causing cancer cells. Cinnamon is mitigates cancer cells by reducing blood sugar levels.

Cinnamon has two main chemical constituents: Eugenol and Cinnamaldehyde. These constituents have been used in controlling Human Colon Cancer cells and Human hematoma cells. Study by the University of Arizona found that constituents of Ceylon Cinnamon are cancer fighter.

  • Arthritis/Osteoporosis– Many people have testified that Ceylon Cinnamon have helped them to control arthritis. Some people claim that a Cinnamon Oil based massage helps to ease the pain while others claim that Cinnamon tea reduces pains caused by arthritis.

Cinnamon has high levels of Manganese which are used to strengthen bones, connective tissues. Our body needs manganese for bones development. People who have less manganese in their body are more likely to develop osteoporosis.

  • Anti-Bacterial – Ceylon Cinnamon leaf oil is a strong anti-bacterial and can make a natural disinfectant. It is believed that leaf oil is the best anti-microbial compared to Escherichia coli and Penicillium digitatum

When Ceylon Cinnamon oil is mixed with water, it can be used to disinfect sinks, counter tops, door knobs, refrigerators, tables, many other things. In case you have young children, use Cinnamon oil instead of harsh cancer causing chemicals. Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are also helpful in controlling harmful bacterial. However, one needs to use many sticks in order to make a difference. In need mild disinfect, it is advisable to use a couple of Ceylon Cinnamon sticks boiled in hot water.

  • Massage Therapy– Ceylon Cinnamon is a warming agent. When it is combined with carrier oil, it can relax and relieve muscle pain. Some people put in their bath to sooth aching muscles.

Ceylon Cinnamon is important because it has less Coumarin when compared to Cassia Cinnamon. In case you are not aware, high intake of Coumarin causes liver damage.

‘True Ceylon Spices’ is a native Sri Lankan company that provides an opportunity to buy high quality Ceylon spices from its origin. The products directly come from weedicide &pesticide free plantation in Sri Lanka. (Ceylon).Ceylon cinnamon (C. verum)is a native Sri Lankan spice. This small island is proudly behind the 90% of true cinnamon production in the world.