If you have a lot of money and you want to try something different and tasty, then we suggest that you try the bellow listed foods. These are the most expensive foods in the world and they are so expensive because producing and growing these foods cost a lot.


Everybody knows that the caviar is very expensive, and the Almas caviar is the most expensive. This caviar comes from Iran and it is sold only in one place in London. Two pounds of this caviar costs 25 000 dollars.

almas iranian caviar


Truffles come from the Pijermont region of Northern Italy, and they are actually mushrooms and only two pounds of these mushrooms cost around 2 and 4 thousand dollars. They cost a lot because they are very difficult to grow.

truffles mushrooms


Although it is grown in many places in the world, to make only one kilogram saffron they need 75,000 flowers . So the price of a thousand dollars per kilogram should not shock you.


Maitake mushrooms

They come from Japan and they their price is $ 200 per kilogram. They are used in the preparation of many exotic foods and are they are well known for their distinctive smell.

maitake mushrooms

Kopi Luwak coffee

You probably thought that the most expensive coffee in the world comes from Brazil, but this coffee comes from Indonesia. A pound of this coffee costs $ 300 because only 500 pounds its produced annually.

kopi luwak coffee