As much as the physical activity is important, what you will drink after exercise to refresh is equally important. One of the best ways to refresh after exercise believe it or not, is the chocolate milk!

You don’t need to spend money on the expensive supplements to drink after fitness workout. Equally effective, and a tastier replacement is exactly the chocolate milk. A research conducted in Texas followed a group of athletes that after the exercise instead of supplements consumed chocolate milk exclusively. The results showed that exactly those athletes which after exercise drank chocolate milk had more pronounced muscles and were in a far better shape than those who used supplements.

Replacement of the lost electrolytes – We all sweat when we exercise and that leads to the loss of electrolytes and salts that are responsible for the normal functioning of the body. The milk perfectly compensates the lost salts because the two most important electrolytes, sodium and potassium, are found in the milk. That is because the milk stays a little longer in our bodies than the other fluids and the body has more time to absorb these electrolytes.

Gaining musclesFitness training in combination with the chocolate milk is the winning formula for improving the growth of the muscle mass. Studies have shown that drinking milk after exercise increases muscle synthesis which results in increased muscle cells.

chocolate milk after fitness

It contains carbohydrates and proteins – The chocolate milk is a perfect drink to consume after a hard training and fitness because of the carbohydrates and proteins that are found in the milk. They allow the body to “recover” from the exercise and keep the body in good condition until the next training. The chocolate milk contains twice more carbohydrates than the normal milk and the sports drinks that enhance muscle growth.

Other nutrients – Compared to the other sports drinks consumed after training, the chocolate milk contains significantly higher amounts of calcium and vitamin D which are of great importance, especially for athletes. Individually or in a pair, these nutrients have many benefits for your body. Injuries are more likely to occur more often if you have a deficiency of these two nutrients. Just a cup of chocolate milk contains half of the recommended daily dose of calcium and one third of the vitamin D.

The cost – Despite all these great features we just discussed, the chocolate milk is much cheaper than the traditional supplements commonly used after training, which is another reason to start to drink it regularly.