Sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s not. Get rid of prejudice and start the treatment faster. The healing effects of the honey are known since the ancient times. If you add pollen to the honey, you will get an amazing mix that will change your life, if eaten daily.

The pollen contains more than 250 substances that your body needs for normal functioning. The effect of pollen is a real grace for the entire organism. The mix can successfully treat the pain, strengthens the immune system, cleans the blood, regenerates the liver , helps patients with hepatitis, cures hypertension, lowers cholesterol levels and positively affects the nervous system.

The daily dose for an adult is only a teaspoon and the children can consume half of that. Just before going to bed at night add a teaspoon pollen to a cup of water . Let it stand all night and in the morning add a few drops of lemon and drink it on an empty stomach. It would be nice to not eat anything for 20 minutes after drinking.

And of course you can make a marvelous mixture of pollen and honey. Simply combine these in proportions 1: 3 and consume on an empty stomach three times a day. Only a spoon is enough.

honey                                   polen and honey mix

Certainly, this mix will not be sufficient for you if you don’t exercise regularly, or walk 3 to 5 miles a day.