Every day, we are surrounded by people with white, shiny teeth. The truth is that some people are born with it – blame good genetic material for it. On the other hand, some of who are less lucky to get two lines of pearls in our mouth have to do more than simply brush our teeth every day. Another fact is that people with white teeth are admired by others and get a better treatment because of it – some researches even show that more than 50% of people with white teeth will get a job offer and the same percentage will get a salary increase! How about that? In order to help you prosper too, we have made a list of tips which will help you whiten your teeth and climb that social scale faster.


What you must not do is to use baking soda. People are delusional that baking soda – which is good for cleaning your home due to abrasive effects – is also good for their teeth. Even though it can have good effects, it quickly destroys enamel, which is why your teeth can darken even faster. You should avoid dark drinks and sodas, such as coffee, coke and red wine – not only are these bad for your breath, but their overuse will quickly darken your teeth and even create stains. Black tea can be another culprit of dark teeth, as well as energy drinks which have a high percentage of sugar. However, if you simply cannot live without coffee, then you can try avoid teeth contact – drink it with a straw and let the beverage gobble down your gorge.

Tips for whitening your teeth


  • The first step in helping your teeth get whiter is to chuck your old toothbrush. The bacteria that stay on a toothbrush just get transferred back to your mouth and you can cause even worse problems those dark teeth, such as bleeding gums and the like. Check with your orthodontistfor the type of toothbrush you should use – strong, medium or soft, and the type of whitening toothpaste which will not destroy your enamel on the long run.
  • Brush your teeth (and tongue) after each meal, and never skip brushing before bedtime! You can use a whitening mouthwash, or simply gargle with apple cider vinegar, which will help you remove stains and kill bacteria from your mouth and gums.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables and other crunchy food are not only good for your health, but also for your teeth because apples, cauliflower, celery strips and carrots remove surface stains and prevent plaque (which can lead to cavities). However, you should avoid eating oranges because, even though they contain a lot of vitamin C, their acid can erode your tooth enamel. If you simply cannot live without them, you should always wash your teeth after eating them, or – if you do not have your toothbrush with you – have a glass of water and rinse your mouth immediately after eating them.
  • Chew sugar-free gums after lunch, because they can absorb some of the stains which food immediately makes. If you have where and when to get away after lunch, always take a pack of floss with you and floss your teeth in a minute or two. Learn how to do it without a mirror, because often you will not meet the conditions and stay with food leftovers on your teeth.
  • Instead of using whitening strips – which cannot reach the gum line and do not seem to distribute whitening paste evenly – try using gel trays, which are recommended by most of the experts in oral hygiene because they are more effective even in the darkest areas of teeth, such as the aforementioned gum lines.