I’m sure that majority of manly population simply enjoys consuming this kind of beverage, without seriously thinking about the real benefits which come along. Being myself beer fan, I will present to you top ten benefits of which you probably didn’t know. Feel free to remember these facts while drinking next time, but be cautious not to exaggerate, for it can backfire, and leave you with a rock-splitting headache and hangover.

#1 Kidney stone

It has been proven that beer will reduce developing of kidney stone. For, when calcium starts to pile up, it sediments in your kidneys, and beer blocks this appearance. Have you noticed that consuming beer makes you visit men’s room more often? It is due to fact that beer is consisted of about 90% of water, and it will also help to sweep away toxins out from your body.

#2 Bones

Among other elements contained in beer, silicon is the one you wish to consume in order to have stronger bone densities. Not all types of beer have the same level of silicon, and lighter and non-alcoholic have among the least. It will strengthen you bones, as well as teeth. Although you can find this mineral in other types of food, beer has it plenty, and it is the easiest way to obtain it.

Top 10 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Beer

#3 Brain

One of the most threatening pestilences today connected with the brain, is definitely Alzheimer disease. Modern studies had shown that taking a bottle of beer a day, will drastically reduce the occurrence of this condition, and in addition, also boosts your overall mental skills and features.

#4 Vitamins

Widely known for its complex of vitamins, beer excels in the amount of rare B12 and B6 vitamins, which basically can be found in beer only. Those vitamins are essential for the welfare of each organism, as well as folic acid is, which can also be found in this beverage.

#5 Heart and blood

Another reason on why you should consider including beer in your daily routine, is the fact that beer is abound in HDL, a beneficial type of cholesterol, which will boost up your cardiovascular system, and will keep stroke and heart attack away.

#6 Keeping cancer back

The beer brewing process makes sure that each bottle is in fact source of antioxidants, which are one of the greatest things in fighting cancer. In addition, harmful substances created while frying meat are almost completely eliminated, so this is one less worry also.

#7 Self confidence

One of the mental beneficial aspects is definitely sense of greater self-evaluation, and this is great feature, if you are planning to approach to a cute girl, but you lack the presence in the room. Also, with lower level of alcohol, it will need more of this drink to knocks you over, thus meaning that a beer or two won’t cloud your judgement at all.

#8 Diabetes

Recent studies have shown that moderate amount of beer a day will reduce the probability of type 2 Diabetes, and considering how high it is among younger population, maybe you should think on how can you reduce this risk also.

With everything said taken into consideration, all you need to do is to pick your favourite beer brand, and start your treatment. What are you waiting for? Cheers!