We often forget that the nature has given us everything that we need to keep our health in a  natural way and drug free.When people could realize the true health benefits of this herb, they would probably grow only nettles in future. In fact, all the parts of the nettle (leaf, root and flower) have medicinal properties.

For a long time people thought that the nettle herb just like the dandelion, is just an ordinary plant and nothing more. However, the number of studies that show that the nettle has many properties that are good for our health.

The nettle herb is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, C, B2 , carotene and pantothenic acid. The best of all is that this herb is affordable and available for everyone.

The nettle tea is used in the treatment of diseases of the liver and bile, sleep disturbance, cancer of the spleen, stomach cramps, lung disease, ulcers, etc.. It is also very beneficial in both, viral and bacterial infections and it is considered to be an excellent remedy for cleansing the blood, rheumatism, hair loss, fever, tuberculosis, excessive urination, bronchitis, lung cancer, inflammation of the joints, kidney stones, healing wounds from radiation, stomach ulcers, nervousness, insomnia, anemia …

Nettle tea

Nettle tea in the Chinese medicine is used to alleviate various problems, and it is consumed daily to improve general health. In this article we will also list the top 4 health benefits of the nettle tea:

Alleviating symptoms of osteoarthritis

Many studies have shown that drinking nettle tea daily can relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Prevents water retention in the body

The nettle has a mild diuretic effect and stimulates the release of excess water from the body. Drinking nettle tea everyday helps to prevent the retention of excess fluid in the body.

Improves blood circulation

Some studies have shown that the nettle tea can help patients with poor blood circulation. The nettle tea has been shown to be effective at people who often have problems with the blood circulation in the feet and hands.

Regulates blood sugar levels

The scientists have concluded that the daily consumption of the nettle tea can help regulate blood sugar levels in patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, and may help to reduce the need taking proper medical treatment.