Top 5 Dog Breeds That Love The Great Outdoors

There’s something to be said for getting outside, especially if you just got done being cooped up all winter. Whether you’re hiking or going to the shore, the great outdoors has a lot of appeal to many different people, and dogs. While there are some dogs that are happy enough to snooze in a sunbeam, there are some breeds of dogs that would love nothing more than to go for a swim or a long walk in the woods. If you’re looking for breeds of dogs that like to be outdoors and can handle all the fun in the sun there here are a few you might want to consider.

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  • Australian Shepherd– This breed is a fantastic all around outdoors type. Shepherds were originally bred to herd cattle in some pretty tough terrain. Not only are Shepherds capable of handling inclement weather and steep inclines. Shepherds are also very strong swimmers and enjoy joining you for a swim. High energy and very obedient, this breed makes for a fantastic outdoor companion for those who enjoy long hikes and trailblazing.
  • ColliesLassie was a heroine for a reason and not just because she let you know when things were going wrong. Collies are very capable doggy athletes and can handle rough terrain with ease. Collies are highly intelligent and have incredible stamina which makes them good for challenging outdoor activities.
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs– Bernese are very surprising when it comes to dogs. Despite their fluffy exterior, a Bernese is one strong pup. Traditionally bred as a sled dog, not only are they capable of handling harsh cold but are incredibly strong. Many adult Bernese can pull up to 10x their own weight and given the size of them, that’s a lot. Bernese are a fantastic breed of outdoor companions.
  • Rhodesian Ridgebacks– If you not only enjoy being outdoors but enjoy the heat, then a Rhodesian makes for an awesome companion. Bred to hunt lions through the African brush, Rhodesians can withstand both high heat and rough terrain and do well for more arid climates.
  • Labrador Retrievers– Labs are all too often underestimated when it comes to anything other than family dog. While Labs are a more common breed, they make for great companions outdoors. Retrievers were originally bred to, you guessed it, retrieve! Not only can the handle brush and forest terrain but they also enjoy to fetch. It’s suggest you bring a frisbee or something they can romp after through the woods.

All in all, there are many different breeds that enjoy being outside. Even if your dog is lower energy or not overly active, there’s something to be said for getting outside in the fresh air and sunlight. If you’re the more outdoorsy type and enjoys more challenging climates, then you want to look for a dog that can handle the terrain and keep up with you. Conversely, if you just like to meander down the trails or go for a walk in the park, then almost any breed can make for an able bodied companion. Just make sure you choose the breed that’s right for you.

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