There are many reasons of renal or kidney failure which comes into the light when the kidney stops doing its work of filtration of body fluids. The problem of kidney failure leads to the inability of the kidneys to purify blood by removing wastes and toxins. The condition of kidney failure can be shifted to dialysis to pursue the filtration of blood artificially and to remove toxins/wastes from the body. But it is an expensive and painful treatment, so to avoid such condition, the prevention of the kidney failure can be done by use of Ayurvedic herbs. The kidney failure treatment by natural ways can be done by various herbs and changes in the lifestyle, some of the natural ways are as follows;

  1. Palaashor Buteamonosperma

It is the best herb for the healing of kidney disorders. It is important in maintaining the functioning of kidney and boosts the functioning of the liver which can also leads to the kidney failure. The use of Palaash leaves can be done to controls diabetes by reducing the level of blood sugar.

  1. Punarnavaor Boerhaviadiffusa

It possess the anti-inflammatory property which is very useful in the prevention of kidney failure.It is used for curing swelling of the feet and joints effectively. It helps in reducing accumulation of fluid in the body.It maintains the balance in fluids level in the cells and helps in healthy urine flow.


  1. Kaasni or Cichoriumintybus

Helpful in all kinds of kidney disorders and also recommended for respiratory problems. Relieve the problem of chronic constipation and increase the hemoglobin count. Helpful in treating kidney failure complications, like respiratory system disorders. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory property, which is used to heal the damaged kidney.

  1. Varunor Crataevanurvala

Helpful in relieving kidney failure complications and related problems, like kidney stones, intestinal bleeding, intestinal worms, headache, migraine and renal calculi etc. The presence of lupeol deactivates the enzyme glycolate oxidase, which is helpful in construction of oxalate and prevents the production of kidney stones.It also provides strength to urinary tract and prostate function.

  1. Gokshuror Tribulusterrestris

It provides relief from all the disorders and complications related to the kidney failure.It helps in dealing with the all kinds ofrenal infections and also chronic urinary discharges. Helpful in enhancing the immunity of the body to fight against the various infections. It provides the immediate strength to the immune system against the foreign bodies.

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