The biggest health issue plaguing people all around the world is obesity and being overweight. Not only is it unhealthy, but also poses many other health risks such as increased cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure and diabetes.

People often go on crash diets, liquid diets, and feel if they stop eating all together for a few days they’ll be able to control their weight. Little do they realize that they are depriving their body of important nutrients.

Rather than going on such diets, it is advisable to incorporate a healthier diet all together that doesn’t allow you to skip meals but instead allows you to eat healthy and include foods which help weight reduction naturally. You can also pair a healthy diet with exercises and jogging to keep your metabolism up and to maintain the overall health of the body.

Here are a few foods you should incorporate in your diet before you consider skipping meals:


Once a cause of concern among health nutritionists who believed eggs were high in cholesterol, new studies show that they do not affect blood cholesterol or cause heart attacks. They are now considered among the top foods to eat to reduce weight.

Eggs fill you up which don’t let you eat for at least the next 36 hours hence forbidding you from binge eating in between meals which is a major reason for people being overweight.

egg yolk

You can eat eggs for breakfast and the good news is that they can be cooked in a variety of ways- boiled, poached, scrambled, sunny side up and the list goes on. Just eat your favourite variation of egg for healthy living.


Salmon is a very healthy food that is low on calories and high on satiety value keeping you full for hours. It also happens to be a hub of iodine which is beneficial for thyroid which in turns keeps the metabolism up to burn calories better. It is also home to Omega 3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory in nature keeping diabetes and obesity in check. Make sure to incorporate a healthy amount of this fish in your diet. You can bake it, fry it, sauté it gently in oil with seasoning and it’ll make for a great dinner treat.

salmon fish

Boiled Potatoes

This is another food which has been wrongly crucified for being too fattening. True in certain forms like French fries do add to the weight but potatoes actually are a power bank of a host of nutrients. Potatoes scored the highest in terms of satiety value and keep you filled for long hours again discouraging eating between meals. Boiled potatoes after cooling develop resistant starch which is rich in health properties and one of them being weight loss. Its family member- sweet potatoes- are also useful in this aspect.

boiled potatoes


Another member of the fish family, tuna too is packed with loads of benefits. It’s a food which is low in calories and high in proteins which makes it such a beneficial food ingredient. It’s a popular food amongst models and body builders and also does wonders for your eyes as it keeps them moist and healthy and helps preserve eye sight from going bad seeing the amount of time we spend near electronics.

Raw tuna steak isolated on white background

Raw tuna steak isolated on white background