Eating for a healthy heart means that you should fill your breakfast, lunch and dinner with fresh vegetable and fruits, choose fish as a must-have product in your fridge and of course pay attention to fiber. In order to give you a detailed plan, we created a list of top heart healthy foods listed below.

  • Raisins. This delicious sweet snack is a must product for your heart. Plus, raisins are very light and are suggested as a healthy snack for those who are watching their weight.
  • Whole grains. People, who eat whole grains, are fit and healthy, plus whole grains are proved to be a great substance to high-fat products. They reduce fat in the body and the possibility of heart diseases as well. Harvard studies proved that those who eat high fiber products have 40 % lower risk of heart disease than the others.
  • Beans lower cholesterol. According to the studies published in Nutrition magazine, ¼ of boiled beans a day can lower the risk of heart diseases. Beans contain flavonoids, that were also found in wine and chocolate, this component makes platelets in blood, which help your heart stay strong and healthy. Plus, beans positively affect skin and hair look.
  • Salmon.It is believed that all sea products are good for your heart, but salmon is underlined by doctors all over the world as the most effective precaution product to prevent heart diseases. Consuming three or more servings of salmon per week is believed to decrease the risk of heart diseases by 30 %.
  • Nuts are incredible asset to every meal as they contain numerous vitamins, minerals and low saturated fat. Doctors suggest a handful of peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds or walnuts a day to lower heart problems.

raisins and nuts

  • Chocolate.Sweet chocolate does not only make us feel better, it is also an incredible help to your heart. Make sure you choose the dark one and don’t overdose, 20 grams per day is more than enough to benefit your cardiovascular health.
  • Tomatoes.Vitamin C, A, potassium and fiber make tomato a must product on your table. The recent studies claim that the combination of nutrients in this product also prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  • Apples.Women Health Study has been observing more than 30 000 women for about 20 years and proved that apples are both useful to prevent cardiovascular and heart diseases.
  • Berries.Eating a cup of different berries a day proves to decrease blood pressure and strengthen your heart health. In addition, berries are important for your sight as they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.
  • Pomegranates.Studies have proven that pomegranate lowers blood pressure and reduces the buildup of plaque. Scientists believe that pomegranate’s benefits come from polyphenol, known as a powerful antioxidant.

Although heart problems cannot be cured solemnly with foods, you can prevent many cardiovascular diseases by eating proper products every day.

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