If you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast and a regular gym goer, you probably have intensive trainings very often. After you train and exercise you lose weight, your blood pressure slows down, your breathing becomes easier and even your brain function improves.  After exercising and training you will feel energized for some time and your muscles will keep burning energy, and this gives great results. But intensive training damages your muscles because while working out you lose important substances that give your muscles energy. This results in inflammatory processes and sore muscles and happens if you are a beginner or if you train too intensively. Muscle damage causes pain and weakness of muscles and of the whole body. It causes great discomfort and it usually lasts from 24 to 48 hours. They can be very exhausting and while you train your body loses energy and you need to compensate for it by consuming proteins, through food or through protein supplements, which is an even better and more practical solution.

Why you should use protein supplements

So, if you train, you should definitely consider using protein supplements. There are a lot of reasons for this. First of all they are an energy boost and make your muscles and your body energized, and after a workout that is very important. If you use them after a training they will help you increase your muscle strength, function and size. They also enhance the utilization of energy in muscles after training. When exhausted after training you may overeat because your appetite increases, but some proteins help reduce hunger.  Some proteins can even help your body fight some forms of cancer, like colon cancer for example. Positive results and outcomes of protein supplement use are numerous.

whey protein supplements

Importance of whey proteins

Whey proteins are very important and can be very useful. They should be taken after training and that is the time which is recommended by nutritionists. They are a great source of energy for your muscles and can prevent muscle damage and muscle breakdown. Research shows that they can reduce your appetite and your stress level by boosting the happiness hormone serotonin. Glutathione levels in your body are reduced after you exercise and that may cause the weaknesses in your immune system, but whey proteins can help in prevention of these processes. One of the very useful and fantastic proteins of this sort is the whey protein isolate. It is very rich in amino acids and can reduce muscle damage and enhance recovery. It helps you lose weight because it is completely fat free. It gives instant energy and protein boost after training and helps you take the best advantage of that first hour after training when most calories are burned, called the “ door of opportunity”. It will stimulate your body to use muscle energy provided by the protein boost, and it also helps you burn that annoying fat stores that cause weight gain. With all these benefits listed you should seriously consider using this fantastic supplement.