Hot tea, soup, pudding, hot chocolate.It happens to all of us when we can’t wait to try those delicious drinks or foods.This is the most common reason that people burn their tongues.

This can be very unpleasant and the pain can last up to three days depending on how you burned your tongue. So what can we do in this situation and how to cure and ease the pain faster?

Burns of the tongue are similar to those of any part of the skin, but the problem is bigger because we cannot use the same methods that we use on other parts of our body. Therefore, if you burn your tongue, the first you need to do is to drink cold water and hold the water at your tongue the water warms up, then immediately spit the water and do the same again. Repeat this many times as the cold water will prevent the burning and tongue will not be damaged.

burned tongue cure 2            burned tongue cure

Besides with water, burns of the tongue are also treated with cold yogurt. The yogurt cools better and faster and will restore the damage faster which is caused by the heat of the drink or the food which caused the burn. Doctors advise to be especially careful because the hot food, and hot drinks can damage the tongue papillae.