Benefits of Wheat Germ

We actually eat a lot of bread as a nation.So why use a poor quality flour instead of using a high quality flour which is rich in vitamins and has many important health benefits for the human body. In recent months, although there are attempts to prefer whole wheat bread that is still a matter open to debate. Did you know that the most useful parts and vitamins of the wheat are thrown or made food for ​​animals? Yes, we are talking about the Wheat Germ. Unfortunately the Germ is removed because it makes the flour bitter and does not have a long life. In the recent years, the benefits of the Wheat Germ are discovered in many areas in our country. And we, as a society, should use Wheat Germ more in our food.

The Wheat Germ is actually the part that germinates the wheat. When it is in a suitable environment it starts to grow.

We can use the Wheat Germ as a flour or as an oil. Both have the same benefits and are only different in terms of consumption. They can be used in different ways and if they are fresh and organic, they will have the same health benefits.

How can we use the Wheat Germ?

* It can be used when making bread, by adding some to the normal flour.

* You can add it to your meals and soups as a spice.

* You can add it to your salad.

* You can drink it by adding to the yogurt or milk

* In addition, if your baby does not have any allergy you can add 1 teaspoon to the vegetable or the fruit puree.

homemade wheat germ                                  what germ oil

The nutritional value of 100 gr. Wheat Germ bread

Energy 224 kcal
9.5 g of protein.
Total Fat 1.85 g.
Dietary Fiber 6.9 g.
Carbohydrate 42 g.

How can we use the Wheat Germ Oil?

Wheat germ oil is made by special production. In fact, it is the one of the most difficult oils for producing. Because from 1 Ton of wheat only 20 kg of Wheat Germ can be obtained, and from 20 kg of wheat germ, only 1 kg of Wheat Germ oil is obtained. The Wheat Germ has a high content of E and vitamin B1, lecithin, essential fatty acids, proteins and zinc, manganese and chrome.

What is the Wheat Germ Oil good for?

* Provides high energy for those dealing with sports or those working in a high tempo and has a fatigue-relieving effect.

* Strengthens our immune system and helps in preventing the development of cancer.

* Reduces the diabetic blood clot risk.

* It is a natural aphrodisiac.

* Provides a positive development in nervous system disorders .

* Has a positive  effect in the growth of children.

Germ Oil For Your Beauty

* The Vitamin E prevents aging of the skin makes the skin smoother.

* Especially is good for damaged skin, skin blemishes and sunburn.

* Has a skin nourishing and invigorating effect.


1 The Wheat Germs Shelf life is very short. That’s why you must consume it quickly.

2 You should store it in glass jars and in the fridge.

3 Celiac patients should not consume the Wheat Germ .

4 Those that have allergies should not use.